Four Strategies To Increase Online Sales

10 Nov


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It’s a basic principle, but businesses need to have sales in some format in order to be sustainable and to grow. Sales of products or sales of services are really one of the same thing, but whatever the business is it needs that revenue. It can possibly be agreed that many businesses are always looking to improve their sales in some way, which brings me to sharing some of the strategies that could help you do it. Whether you focus on one or all four that I share, I’m sure that your sales will thrive.


Using social media to promote and advertise


Social media is huge these days and with more than 70% of people checking things like Facebook at least once a day, it is vital for your business to be present on them. This is when developing a social media strategy could help you to increase your online sales. Think about the content you share and how you share it, encourage your audience to engage and share which helps you business get in front of new eyes online, and ensure you remain professional and present. Consistency and good content are the two secret ingredients to being established and well connected online, which subsequently could help increase sales.


Ensuring your website is visual digitally


Is your website visual online? Of course you may have a site but if someone searches your type of products or services in a search engine will your site be one of the top results? This is when local SEO services could help improve the presence of your website on the world wide web. With many sites to do with your industry and niche it is vital to be seen. So many people take to websites like google for answers or recommendations so this could seriously improve the traffic to your website.


Checking out your competition


Whether a competitor has a different pricing strategy, be in a different location or is even different to you, of they appear to be more successful then it’s time to analyse their online presence. Looking at your competitors isn’t a way to copy or sabotage, but more to feel inspired with how you could do things differently. Maybe they post regularly online through social media or use different content methods like pictures or video to share their products and services. Feeling inspired is a great way to up your game, and can help you to stay motivated to succeed in your own business.


Market research could be your secret weapon


Let’s be honest here, your established customer base is your goldmine. These clients and customers are using you repeatedly month in month out, or even just on a consistent level if your business is a one time purchase sort of thing. So they must be coming back to you for good reason. So what could that reason be? Market research with your existing customer base could help you to see exactly what you do well, and what you could improve on. Giving you the secrets to make even more improvements in the future. However, market research could also be used for potential new customers, as you could hold things like focus groups to gain valuable feedback and criticism.


I hope that any of these four strategies help you to increase your online sales.




How To Cover Off The Business Basics Of Starting Your Social Media Company

18 Oct

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When it comes to starting a business, it’s true that you’re going to have a lot to think about. As much as you might love social media, know a lot about the industry and be ready to get started with your agency, it’s often not as simple as that. Sometimes, it’s okay to launch your business in an unconventional way, slowly, and learning as you go. But if you want to make the right impression from the start, you’re going to want to take a more professional approach. And to do that, you need to get the business basics down.


Whether you’ve been in business for a long time, or you’re brand new, there are a few essentials that you’re going to need to get sorted at the start of your journey. Yes you know social and marketing, and you’re ready to get going, but there are a few business basics that you’re going to need to put in place before you get going!


Pull Together Your Plan


So you know social. And you know how to make the most of a marketing campaign. And you probably even know how to market yourself with the best of them. But if you’ve not run a successful business before, you need to take a step back and pull together a plan. Because if you want this to work, and you’re serious about going places, you need a business plan. Not only will it keep you on track, but it will start you off on the right foot too.


Hire An Accountant

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Next up, think about hiring an accountant. No seriously. You’re probably thinking you can just do this when tax time comes around and you start to struggle. But think back to the last point for a second. Are you serious about making this a success? If so, then you should think about doing this sooner rather than later. Because a good accountant can make sure that you’re working to your potential and help you with all financial matters, and not just filing your taxes.




Secure A Lease


And what about an office? If you’re planning on going solo and being a social media consultant, then you could get away with setting up an office at home. But, if you’re looking to do things on a slightly bigger scale, you should think about finding an office for your venture. If you want to look professional and are likely to host clients, then this should be a definite to-do on your list.


Get Insured


Then, you also need to think about insurance. Whether you get that office space or you decide to work from home, you should compare insurance policy plans to find the right option for your circumstances. Even when you work from home, you still need to take care of your insurance matters if you want your business ventures to be protected.


Get Your Tech Together


You also need to work on the equipment your business needs to be the best. Sometimes, you’re only going to be able to work with the laptop you’ve got, and that doesn’t mean to say you can’t make your business a success with just that. But, if you have had investment, and you’ve got budget to allocate, think about the devices and software essentials you need to get things going.




Consider Hiring Staff


Another key decision that you’re going to need to make at some point is whether or not you should hire staff. Again, there’s nothing to say that you’re not going to make a success of things on your own, because you can. But if you’re doing things on a big scale, you might need the right team behind you to make that happen.


Start The Pitching Process


Then, with most of the business essentials in place, you’re going to want to get your pitch on. It’s highly likely that you’ve already got some clients confirmed or at least in mind, you but you need to be out there pitching early as possible to drum up some business.


Put Yourself First


Don’t ever forget about promoting yourself as a consultant or agency. You should always be your number one client. You’ve got good social skills, so use them. If you want to get the business basics in order, then you’re going to want to put yourself first and start selling yourself to success.


Starting A Social Media Agency: The Basics

6 Oct

Ever wondered if you could take your social media skills from freelancer to starting an agency? With the right planning, it might be a lot easier than you think. While some prefer the freedom of freelancing, ultimately, there are only so many hours in a day – which puts vast limits on your ability to earn. Starting an agency, however, will give you the opportunity to take on a lot more clients than you have time for right now, and increase your earnings potential by a significant amount. Here are a few of the essential things you need to consider if you decide to go down this route.




Decide on your key services


First of all, it’s essential to establish your particular niche and decide on your crucial service offers. Will you be offering help with all social media channels, or focusing on delivering results for a specific platform? While the former might bring you more clients, the latter will give you the opportunity to charge more money, as your expertise in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will be more in demand.


Find the right people


One of the most significant problems you will have is finding employees or contractors who have the right level of skills to work with your clients. It can be tough relinquishing control, especially if you are used to working alone as a freelancer or consultant. You’ll need to arrange training, teach your employees or contractors how you like things done, but also be prepared to listen to their ideas. One of the benefits of running an agency is that it gives you the chance to tap into a collective brain – and you would be wise to make the most of it.


The money


Ultimately, it’s going to cost you money to get your agency off the ground. You’ll need to pay staff, create a website, rent an office space, and pay for advertising and marketing materials. If you don’t have enough savings to pay for it yourself, you’ll need to look for funding. According to, there are plenty of different ways of getting investment for your business. You can put yourself out there and try and attract venture capital firms, or borrow from banks or credit unions. You might apply for assistance from the small business administration (SBA).


Find complementary businesses


As point out, social media is part of the broader digital marketing picture. And if you want to grow your market, it’s advisable to find other, non-competing businesses to work with. For example, anyone with a company can have a social media channel, but they are also likely to want a website – so you could team up with a web designer or development company. Similarly, social media is increasingly becoming an essential part of SEO, so perhaps you could work with a specialist search firm?


Be ready to manage


Finally, if you love getting stuck into your client’s social media platforms, bear in mind that over time your focus will need to shift. As your agency grows, you will be spending more time consulting with clients and doing far less of the actual social media work. If this managerial and consultative role doesn’t sound appealing to you, perhaps you will be better off sticking to your freelance career.


6 Very Useful Tips to Get More Traffic

18 Sep

There is one thing that matters the most to any serious business owner or a marketer, and that is getting more customers. This is basically the rule for any type of business, and one of the best ways to attract new customers is to boost your website’s traffic.



The traffic on your website is what helps your business stand out, so it’s understandable that you need to generate as much traffic as possible in order to maximize the potential of your site and get higher revenue. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can address, and most of them are basically free. You just need some time and a few planning skills. We’ve searched the web and we’ve collected these useful tips that should help you with your traffic generation. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and get your traffic up.


Social Media

Let’s face it – social media has become extremely important part of our everyday lives. With millions of users spending countless hours on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it becomes imperative to find the right way to address those people. There are some great things you can use social media for, like the content promotion or engaging campaigns. You can even use social media to organize contents and hand out rewards, and you can get quite a lot of free promotion too.


As social media can seem very casual and easy to use for your marketing campaigns, we’ve experienced quite a lot of poorly executed campaigns in the past. This happens because most of the time, these campaigns don’t have a particular purpose. They should be aimed in such a way so they drive both leads engagement and the brand awareness. Make sure your social campaign is planned out, it has a specific purpose and it can get your visitors to engage.


Online Reviews

Various studies have shown that more than 85% of the users completely trust the online reviews. Knowing this makes the user engagement process even more important. Even though it sounds easy, there are a lot of businesses that don’t manage to pull off this strategy. Finding a way to get a review from most of your visitors can help you a lot.


User reviews are important because of various reasons. They represent the unique content and the concrete point of view from your users. With new reviews, pages that would otherwise be static now have updates and basically fresh content that promotes your services or products. Another amazing thing about online reviews is that usually, people that leave reviews have larger social circles, so you get better promotion through their recommendations.


Viral Content

We’ve all seen our fair share of the viral content over the years. Using viral content as a marketing strategy has proven to be quite useful when it comes to the worldwide promotion. What this type of content does is that it gets the attention of a visitor, it makes the visitors engage, and it aims to get the visitors so drawn in that content so they share it. When the content is done in a proper way it can leave quite a significant mark in the online world, and in return, your website traffic skyrockets.


In order to make really enticing viral content and get to profit from it, you need to follow some steps. The first thing you need to do is defining the focus group. Once you understand your audience, planning out the right content gets easier. The next thing to keep in mind is originality. No one likes to see a copy of a copy. Try to find the original ideas and try to do something no one has done before. It may seem impossible but trust us, with a bit of imagination and some professional help your website can flourish overnight.


Guest Blogging

A pretty common practice when it comes to promotion is to get involved in guest blogging. Whether you’re writing content for a bigger blogging site, or you’re inviting guest bloggers to publish their articles on your website, guest blogging can help you boost your traffic significantly.


Publishing content on other websites helps you generate traffic from those websites, and it also helps you with brand building. Having guest bloggers publish content on your website also helps with generating more traffic as those bloggers share the content through their social media and their blogs. Just keep in mind that the content you provide or publish is fresh and original.


Responsive Web Design

Knowing that the number of online visits from mobile devices has surpassed those from desktop computers, it’s absolutely imperative that your website has a responsive web design. What this means is that your site should be accessible from all devices.


There are some things you can do, in order to optimize your website and boost its traffic. You can always get the help of web design freelancing experts, or you can learn more about responsive web design and how to adapt it for yourself. It may seem too complicated, but if you’re running a WordPress website, it could be done very quickly, with the help of few plugins.


Videos and Webinars

People like interaction, but they also need some visual help to engage them more. Using video testimonies or video presentations for your products and/or services can significantly expand your audience. In one of the studies, more than 60% of people stated that they have more trust in brands that use videos for promotion.


Webinars are also another great way to get involved with your audience. Webinars are usually live video presentations where you can talk about a specific product, service or anything related to your business, and you can take questions from your audience. This is also a great strategy to reach wider audiences and it helps you “seal the deal”.


Wrapping It Up

No matter what type of business you have, your website is extremely important part of that business. For quite a lot of people, it’s the first impression they get about you and your business. Your website can help you generate revenue, but only if it generates traffic. Hopefully, these 6 tips will point you in the right direction, so you can truly understand the best way to reach your visitors.

10 Things That Make You Love And Hate Google Algorithm Updates

11 Sep

SEO used to be a practice of different black-hat techniques that were used in order to cheat the search engines into believing that your site is more relevant than the others. Everything from spamming links to keyword stuffing used to improve your ratings, but that is no longer so. Over the years, Google has changed its algorithms so much that today’s SEO is nothing like it used to be. Since the Big G’s algorithm updates have shaken the world of SEO every time they’ve rolled out, we’ll cover some of the biggest changes they’ve done over the years.


Panda Hates Keyword Stuffing

Originally a filter for spammy, low quality, and thin content, Google Panda moved to become a part of Google’s core algorithm in 2016. It heavily punishes internal duplicate content, content plagiarism, keyword stuffing and thin-content. That’s why you need to check your content for plagiarism through a tool like Copyscape Plagiarism Checker, as well as make sure you’re not stuffing keywords or posting low-quality content just for the sake of it. Thin content pages are also a problem, they represent low word-count pages with plenty of ads and/or affiliate links.

The End of Spammy Link Tactics

With the release of Google Penguin in 2012, many websites lost their organic search visibility due to the usage of too many links coming from low-quality websites. Google won’t punish you for having a couple of bad links, but if there’s a spike in the influx of such links you’re going down. Way down. If you’ve got too many harmful links, you’ll either need to request the removal of those links by contacting the webmasters of such sites or disavow them through Google’s Disavow Tool.

No One Likes Auto-Play Videos

Google released a silent update nicknamed Phantom aimed at punishing low-quality user experience, as well as rewarding websites which worked hard to enhance the user experience. Aggressive advertising has quickly become a thing you must worry about and auto-play videos are a big part of it. Users want to land on a page and have some sense of control on it – if they want to watch the video they want to play it themselves. Auto-playing it, on the other hand, leads to bad user experience and your users quickly leaving the page, which Google’s algorithm will recognize and punish you accordingly.

Links From Your Website to Bad Sources

Google is not only assessing links that are leading to your website, but also the pages that your site is linking to. By creating a follow link to another website you are practically vouching for that website with your own credibility. Having too many of these links leading to low-quality pages will signal Google that you’re not good at judging quality content and thus lower your site’s authority, which will further lead to a lower ranking in SERPs.

Google Pirate VS Copyright Infringement

Pirated content has become a huge deal over the past decade, and in 2012 Google has decided to fight it. Making movies, music, or software available to website users for free is something that Google couldn’t afford to support, so they’ve designed an algorithm to prevent any websites that receive many copyright infringement reports from ranking well. The update mostly targeted torrent sites, but could never handle thousands of new sites with illegal content that emerged on daily basis.

Hummingbird Values Meaning

When it was released in 2013, many struggled to figure out what Hummingbird changed and why the search rankings changed. This was a big algorithm update that tried to understand search queries better in order to match the results to searcher’s intent, instead of basing them on individual keywords that were typed in. It has become increasingly important to focus on synonyms and related searches, rather than on exact keywords. Google Related searches can be a huge help if you want to be on the good terms with Hummingbird.

Pigeon Made Location a Key Factor

Released in 2014, Google Pigeon changed the results for any queries where the searcher’s location plays an important role. This also meant that the same SEO factors would now be used to rank both local and non-local search results. Being included in the Google’s local index has become a must for local businesses, and the first step for that is to have a Google My Business page. It’s also useful to know that local directories like TripAdvisor saw a major ranking boost due to Pigeon, so being featured in them will likely benefit your rankings.


At some point in 2015, Google realized that most of the searches are initially done through mobile devices. Mobilegeddon was rolled out to affect the SERPs for mobile devices so that the pages that are optimized for mobile devices rank at the top of the mobile search. This is why today you should always go for the responsive web design and do everything you can to make your site easy to use for mobile users. You can check how your website stands when it comes to mobile devices with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Bad Content

Aforementioned Google Hummingbird is said to be capable of judging the intent of the webpage’s content. This basically means that this algorithm is capable of recognizing a nonsense content from a well-written one, which gives it the power to punish the former and reward the latter. If you’re unsure about your rankings, SEO services Sydney offer their own Rank Checker Chrome Extensions, through which you can check your ranking for different keywords and adjust your content accordingly.

Shocking News Inside! Google Hates Clickbait?

Clickbait articles are low-quality articles that offer little to no value to visitors after they’ve landed on the page. Once they realize that there was nothing shocking or amazing about the news, as the headline suggested, they’ll quickly leave the page. Google has thus realized that the amount of time spent on the page is actually more significant than the actual number of clicks that the page received, which led to penalties for any such articles that Google recognizes as clickbait.


SEO has changed significantly over the years and Google is even changing the way they are updating their algorithms today. They are now trying to constantly apply smaller updates, at different times, so it’s no longer a matter of huge updates that everyone will talk about. This makes it even more important to stay in touch with Google’s trends if you’re looking to rank well. There are some things that are unlikely to ever see a huge change, like user experience as a ranking factor, or having high-quality content. One thing’s for sure, Google updates can be a real pain for some, but also a huge reward for those who aren’t looking to cheat the system.

5 Reasons Every Business Needs a Blog

31 Aug

If you’re running a business, there has never been a better time to have a blog. There is more focus on fresh and interesting content than ever before, and thanks to Google algorithms, the need for this type of content has increased. Of course, you could use your social media platforms to display some of this content, but you’re much better off using social media to point your audience in the direction of your blog. So, why are blogs so important?

blog marketing


Part of Your Brand

The whole point of having a brand is for your audience to be able to differentiate between you and your competitors. Your blog is another way of building your brand and engaging with your audience. You have an opportunity to create content on a larger scale through your blog, and the more people who follow it, the more recognisable your brand becomes. After all, sharing your story with your audience is one of the best ways to build a reliable and trustworthy brand.


You Have Authority

If you have two businesses, selling the same type of products and services from the same industry and one has a blog, but the other doesn’t, who is the authority in the industry? For many consumers, having a blog means a business is an industry leader and they’ll be more likely to buy from you. Your blog allows you to show the depth of your knowledge and readers will soon use it to find answers to their questions. Why wouldn’t you trust a business that can provide you with the solutions you require?

blog marketing in 2017


Part of Your Marketing Plan

Social media is fantastic for finding your audience and capturing their attention and interest, but a person has to be willing to give their details before becoming lead generation. Having a blog is the next step in keeping an audience captivated enough to keep the business in their thoughts. You can use plugins and tools which create pop-ups on your blog and include links to landing pages so your readers have easy access to information about products and services. Review various hosting services so your audience can immediately see they’ve landed on a trustworthy site. It all adds up to one master marketing plan.


Create Your Community

Having a blog also gives you the option of allowing your readers to make comments. Everyone has an opinion and it’s a great way to engage with your audience and have them interact with each other. Thus begins your business community. As time goes on, your community will grow and you’ll soon receive a steady flow of readership.


Aiding SEO

The more you use your blog, the better exposure your business gets. You’ll need fresh written content, videos and images for your SEO strategy and your blog is the perfect platform for it all. Your blog is one of the best options you have for ranking in organic searches, especially if you use backlinks and guest posting.


A blog isn’t just somewhere to air your thoughts; it’s an integral part of running a successful business.

Is Your Website Visible Enough?

30 Aug

A website can be an incredibly effective marketing tool for modern businesses, but the success of a site is often measured by its ability to attract visitors. You could have the most stunning graphics going, but if nobody can find your site or see your pages, success will be limited. If you’re not getting as much traffic as you hoped or online sales have slowed, this may be a sign that your website isn’t visible enough.


Investing in SEO marketing

SEO is a concept that many modern businesses use to attract more attention online and drive traffic to web pages. The aim of the game is to make your links appear at the top of the page when somebody uses a search engine like Google to try and locate a service or product that is similar to what you sell or offer. If you can get on page 1, your chances of getting web users to visit your site are over 90 percent higher than they would be on page 2. If you don’t already employ SEO as part of your marketing campaign, it’s worth getting in touch with a digital marketing agency and finding out more about how the strategy works and what kinds of benefits it could bring you. By optimizing the content you produce, you could increase the number of visitors to your site significantly and hopefully, this will translate into better sales figures.




Being more sociable

Did you know that the average person spends almost two hours a day on social media? More than 30 percent of our time online is now spent on social platforms, with YouTube and Facebook occupying the majority of our time. Social media is a great way of connecting with friends and finding out more about places you’d like to travel or films you’d like to see, but it’s also an excellent platform for businesses to generate interest and promote their products and services. Before you invest any more money in social media marketing, track your progress on different platforms and see which apps and sites are most effective. To make your strategy successful, you need to ensure that it is relevant to your target market. Some sites are a lot more popular with some demographics than others. If you’re selling clothes to teenagers and young adults, for example, you may find that Instagram brings you a lot more joy than Twitter. Once you’ve streamlined your approach, update your contact details and make sure all your accounts and pages are linked. It’s always a good idea to try and grow your numbers, so run competitions and offer discounts for new followers and existing friends who share your links and images.



If you have a great website, it’s natural to want to show it off. If you play your cards right, online marketing can propel your business to the dizzy heights, but it’s not always easy to get your website noticed. If you’re struggling to attract attention, investing in SEO and social media marketing could help to make your site more visible.

Spread The Love: How To Share Your Audience Between Platforms

25 Aug

There’s no denying that social media and business are the happily married couple of the modern age. Business owners everywhere could recite all the benefits platforms like Twitter hold. And, with new social selling points arising every day, things are only getting better.

But, despite our knowledge, we’re not all managing to make the most from this medium. Some companies are opting only to use one platform, when actually, the more they use, the better return they’ll see. And, even those who are on everything from SnapChat to Facebook, are failing to reap the full benefits.

So, what’s the solution? In truth, the answer to social media success is getting social among your platforms. You need to engage with your audience to spread the love. Your Twitter followers should be watching your Instagram. Your Youtube subscribers need to be checking out your Facebook. It’s the best way to get inside people’s heads. It’s also a sure way to achieve success on every platform you use. But, how can you share your audience?

Networks Network Structure Internet Tree Social


Share, share, share

As we’re talking about sharing an audience, it makes sense to start with the importance of sharing posts. By that, we mean that if you post on YouTube, you need to Tweet about it, and vice versa. On each of your platforms, share your favorite posts from other sources. Nothing’s easier for getting an audience from one to check out what you’re doing on another.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. You need to cater to your audiences to ensure they look at what you’re linking. On Twitter, you’re free to be a little more general. Here, users enjoy video, pictures, and text. Your SnapChat followers, on the other hand, want instant gratification. As such, a picture of a wordy blog post won’t go down well.

Analyse your audience from each platform

Analysis is important in any walk of business, and social media is no exception. Most platforms, notably YouTube and Twitter, come complete with analytics pages. Look at these regularly to see what’s popular, and attempt to spot similarities in your audience. If you want to take things further and compare audiences from all platforms, it’s worth looking into something like Izenda’s embedded BI platform, which can collect and compare data from a variety of sources. Once you know the similarities between audiences, you can bring them together.



Keep the same tone throughout your accounts

The right tone on social media can take a long way. Most of us already know that one person should take care of Tweets, etc. It’s the only way to build a personality. But, have you considered your tone across platforms? To ensure your audience spreads, keep that same tone throughout. This is also an excellent way to ensure posts hit the mark. If your Twitter followers engage with the dry humor of your tweets, they’ll be disappointed by more upbeat Instagram posts. Entrust all accounts to one person, and emphasis the importance of voice!


Hits, Clicks And Shares Can All Be Yours If You Engage

23 Aug

How do you make sure your customers engage with you on social media? It is worth answering this question because if you take the right steps here, you can make sure that customers always come back to your social media accounts and share some of the content that your releasing. Once you do this, you’ll start to see your customer base engage and experience higher levels of profits. So, let’s look at some of the best ways to engage customers, clients and online users.

how to do digital marketing


UGC stands for user generated content, and it shouldn’t surprise you that this is actually a great way getting customers interested and ready to engage on social media. But first, you need to encourage user generated content. There are plenty of ways to do this from establishing a unique hashtag and encouraging users to post related content or simply asking users questions and connecting with them this way. Once you get UGC up and running through social media, you’ll be showing customers that they are a valuable part of your business model and that you appreciate them. Once you retweet or share the content they create, you’ll even be boosting their social media accounts, and they’ll definitely thank you for that.

Targeting Your Audience

You need to make sure that when you do use social media you know who your target audience is, what they are interested in and what they want from you. If you don’t do this and your marketing is too broad, you’re not going to interest anyone. Think carefully about who the key customer for your company is and write every social media post as though you are speaking directly to them. If you do this, you will always be able to release content that does interest them and encourages them to share. This, in turn, will boost your brand which is the ultimate goal of social media marketing.

Create Killer Content

If you do release content through your social media profiles, it needs to be on point. If there are issues with quality or the context of the content, users will quickly be turned off by your social media. Instead, you need to make sure that it is exceptional quality and gives unique, interesting information or something that is lighthearted and fun. If you can’t create this yourself, you can hire writers to do it for you. That way, you should be able to engage an audience and deliver quality content that makes your business look terrific.

Go Live

Finally, you should consider using social media to offer your customers and followers something a little different with a live feed. Using a live feed, it’s possible to take marketing in an exciting new direction and connect with your audience in a whole new way. A live feed can be a great way to announce an update for your business or simply show customers the people behind the company. Either way, it can certainly lead to tremendous increases in interest for your business online.

Using this advice, you’ll be able to maximise the potential of social media and truly captivate your audience.

The Dos & Don’ts Of Digital Marketing In 2017

21 Jul


Like a living organism, digital marketing evolves with the times. As a result, it never stays still, so what worked in the past won’t work now. This is a problem for businesses as an online presence is essential to success. So, they have to adapt or die. Sadly, it isn’t as simple as saying you are going to implement the current trends and watch your strategy go from strength to strength. The key is to pick the ones that will boost the plan and avoid the ones that will cause problems. With that in mind, here are the dos and don’ts provided by Red Rain SEO that every entrepreneur must know this year.

Don’t Use One Ad Format

In the past, there were less than ten formats to choose from with regards to advertising. Nowadays, there are dozens with high key performance indicator scores, meaning each one can be as effective as the other. As a result, it is imperative that you don’t stick with a one ad format and use a variety throughout your strategy. For example, banners are great at the top of the site to catch the user’s eye. But, they are also tacky, which is where pay per click ads come in handy. Of course, 2017 is the year of video content, so don’t forget to incorporate it into your plan.

Do Consult Big Data

Big Data is a term that coined in recent years. Quite simply, it refers to the meaningful statistics which make or break a company. According to the experts, the data holds all the answers, and it is your job to decipher the code. To do that, you need to collect as much information as possible about the marketing campaign. What is the main demographics? Which mediums do they prefer? Are we doing enough to encourage them to make a purchase? To find the answers, you have to comb through the data.


Don’t Forget To Test Software

Marketing revolves around software these days. Take an app as an example. A business application is an excellent marketing tool as long as it is popular. However, it won’t be effective if the app keeps on breaking down and going offline. As soon as there is a recurring issue, customers bounce to a competitor. After all, it isn’t like yours is the only one available. To prevent this scenario from playing out, you need a guide to SDLC phases. Then, you can test the software and ensure it passes the strictest quality controls. If you don’t, you are playing with the firm’s future.

Do Optimise For Mobile

Early on in the post, there was a line that said ‘2017 is the year of video.’ Sorry, but that wasn’t entirely accurate because 2017 is the year of mobile, too. Whether you like it or not, smartphones and tablets are the keys to marketing success because of their popularity. So, it is only logical that you optimise the plan to exploit mobile technology by creating a separate site and creating an app. Okay, this isn’t groundbreaking, but it is that important that it’s worth mentioning just in case.

mobile marketing strategies

The mobile industry is so big that success is almost impossible without it.

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