How To Breathe Life Into Your Stagnated Marketing Strategy

7 Apr

Every business owner knows how important it is to have a solid online marketing strategy in place. That, however, doesn’t mean that every business owner is an expert at online marketing. It’s not possible to be good at all things, after all! If your marketing strategy has stagnated or failing to get the results you were hoping for, then don’t worry: we’re on hand to help you get back on track. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can go from being nowhere to having productive, measurable results that help grow your business when you change just a few ingredients. Here are four to get you going.


Look at the Numbers

Creating and getting a marketing campaign under way is only half the battle. The second half is monitoring the data to see how well different facets of your campaign are performing. It has never been easier to get detailed, easy to understand bits of information from your social media outlets and see what has worked and what hasn’t. If something is ultimately flawed and unsalvageable, then you’ll know what to change when it comes to your next campaign. In short: measure everything, and be ready to adapt when something isn’t working.

Bring in the Experts

As we said at the beginning of the article, you can’t be expected to be an expert in every area of business. Unfortunately, the complexity of online marketing – not to mention the fact that it’s changing all the time – means it’s one area where you can’t really afford to get it wrong. If you don’t understand this aspect of your business, look at bringing a full service digital marketing agency on board and let them get you back on track. While that’s being taken care of, you’ll be able to get back to your own areas of expertise.

Mix Up Your Content and Platforms

Sometimes you will know what you’re doing, but only when it comes to, say, posting your special promotions on Facebook. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that Facebook, because it’s far and away the biggest of the lot, is the only social media site you should be focusing on. But Twitter and Instagram, among others, are just as important. Also, you should be mixing up your content as often as possible. Photos, videos, giveaways, promotions, etc will all keep people interested as opposed to posting the same thing each day.

Look at it with Fresh Eyes

When it comes to marketing, you’re probably operating within a pretty narrow spectrum and don’t even realise it. If you generally stick to one theme or idea, now’s the time to think outside the box and ask yourself what else you could be bringing to the table. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but looking at your business through a fresh lens might just give you the jumpstart you need to make your marketing strategy more exciting and prosperous. Get brainstorming with your employees and see what you can come up with!

Advice For Exploding On Facebook

7 Apr

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. With many millions of daily users, it’s the perfect places for entrepreneurs to market their companies. However, lots of people achieve poor results because they don’t develop the best strategy. With that in mind, some fantastic tips on this page will tip the scales of balance. If you use some of the ideas mentioned below, you should notice a vast improvement during the next few months. At the end of the day, you want as many people as possible to encounter your content. The suggestions in this article should push you in the right direction.


Upload videos and other media content


If you haven’t seen amazing outcomes from your Facebook posts, it’s time to make them a little more interesting. Uploading images and videos alongside your text will make your content more appealing. You could create product promotion clips or try something entirely different. It all comes down to the nature of your business and your products or services. Don’t stress too much if you have no expertise in video production. There are lots of experts just waiting for your call. Search online for the best specialists and read online reviews. Once you find a team of professionals with the right capabilities, you just need to explain your ideas. With a bit of luck, they’ll design something effective within a couple of days.


Use emotional language that requires a response


The way in which you construct your Facebook posts could play a role in their reach. For instance, writing a statement will only encourage people to read the text. However, asking a question will incite them to engage with your content. Perform as much research as possible into emotional language, and then use your knowledge to make an improvement. Ideally, you want as many people as possible to “like” and “share” your statuses with their friends. That is especially the case if you’ve included a backlink to your website. By asking questions or pulling on heartstrings, you should get a better response.


Try to be funny wherever possible


Humour makes the world go round, and social media users love it! With that in mind, you should try to make your posts funny whenever you can. It’s not always appropriate, but you should milk the idea when the time is right. For example, maybe you see something hilarious in the news that you can relate to your industry in some way? If that happens, you should spend time trying to work out the funniest way of making the connection. The number of shares your posts receive will increase, and you could end up going viral. Stranger things have happened.

If you follow the suggestions and advice on this page, you should move a step closer to exploding on Facebook. Just remember that social media promotion takes time. Don’t feel too disheartened if it takes a few months to find your feet. Of course, Facebook offers an excellent paid-advertising tool these days. So, you can always speed the process if you’re willing to make an investment.

Should Healthcare Professionals Use Social Media?

7 Apr



I’m hoping you’ll stick around for the rest of the article, because it’s important to know why healthcare professionals should be using social media! Otherwise, you may go ahead without an understanding of how you should use social media in order to best benefit your business. It certainly isn’t by using social media the way your typical young adult would use it. (No-one wants to know that the surgeon whose knife they’re soon to be under was partying hard a couple of nights ago.)


So let’s take a look at the specific reasons why healthcare professionals should use social media.

Patients are talking about you on it


People love to complain about a bad service, and they’ll often do it on social media. Of course, people also tend to believe they’ve been wronged even when they’re the ones who are at fault, or even when they received exactly what they paid for. You’d better believe that people take to Facebook and Twitter to complain about medical practices and even specific doctors. If you’re not on social media, then you’ll have a lot less control over the image that people get of you over those platforms.


It’s essential for marketing


It’s often forgotten – at least, by people who don’t actually own their own healthcare practice – that healthcare is something that needs to be marketed. After all, it’s a competitive business (in the U.S., at least.) So if you’re not using social media, then you’re definitely missing out on big opportunities to expand awareness of your business and, thus, opportunities to gain more patients. Using social media along with a blog is essential for SEO, after all. Of course, the specific work you do will affect how you should go about it. A dermatologist, for example, would need to look into SEO for dermatologist practices.

It helps improve health literacy


People are always looking to the Internet to find answers to their various medical problems and concerns. Of course, while this can be useful in some cases, most of the time these patients aren’t reading anything particularly helpful! They’ll often end up on some clickbaity page that seems to be telling them they have some rare and awful brain disease that may not even exist. Articles that have been authored by medical professionals? They’re often not even on the first page of Google’s search results. Not only can you help spread really good resources, but you can also be a really good resource of accurate medical information if you’re using social media!


It’s great for charity and awareness


Many people in the healthcare field care passionately about the problems that are the target of their specific medical branch. A dermatologist may care greatly about skin conditions; an oncologist will care deeply about those affected by cancer. Many are involved in some way with charity and growing awareness of these conditions. Well, as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge proved, social media can be an amazing way to help increase awareness to an issue – and, yes, perhaps even an absurd amount of money, too.

Organic vs Paid Traffic: Which Is Best?

4 Apr

There are two different types of web traffic that your site can gain; organic and paid. What we’re interested to see is which of these two is better than the other. Take a look at both traffic sources down below:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to any web traffic you gain from ‘natural’ sources. In essence, a natural source is any source that you haven’t paid to get traffic from. So, this includes things like organic search engine results, social media, link building, etc.

The main benefit of organic web traffic is that you really don’t have to pay any money for the traffic you get. Sure, you could pay for a marketing agency to help you out, but the payment stops there. You don’t have to pay any money everytime someone visits your site, which you do have to do with many paid traffic sources. Plus, if you work on improving your organic traffic then you’re certain to use SEO which improves your search engine visibility for relevant keywords. As such, whenever consumers search for keywords relating to your industry, they’re met with your site near the top of the results. Therefore, you start to gain a reputation as an authority source within your industry, and you’re seen in a more positive light.

The downside is that gaining organic traffic can be a long and arduous process. Plus, the traffic you gain might not be entirely interested in what you have to offer, they could’ve just stumbled onto your site.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic refers to any web traffic you gain via a paid service. More often than not, this can be narrowed down to paying for adverts to boost your traffic. If you pay for an ad, then that ad gets displayed on other websites, social media, search engines, etc. People can see the ad, click it, and get taken to your site. Largely, most businesses will use Google advertising to get their paid traffic. With Google Adwords, you can bid on certain keywords to display your adverts in search engines for keywords relevant to your business. With on-site ads, you’re bidding on advertising space on various websites and are looking for sites with traffic that’s relevant to your business.

What are the benefits of paid traffic? Well, for one, you can definitely get a lot of web traffic through adverts. Secondly, the traffic you get is more likely to be targeted to your business, which means conversion rates can be a lot higher. Think about it, someone can easily stumble upon your site organically without really caring about it. But, if you click on an advert then you’re most likely to care about what you’ve clicked on.

The only real downside is that it’s paid traffic. You have to spend money bidding on adverts, and there’s a lot of competition which can drive the prices up and be very costly.

So, which is better? In all honesty, they’re both great, but they’re even better when combined with one another. If you bring in both organic and paid traffic, then you’re catering to everyone, and your site will be flooded with lots of traffic every day.

Use Social Media to Boost Your Marketplace

25 Mar



If you’re on this website, then it’s probably already clear to you that social media is important for pretty much any type of business out there. But people who are getting into ecommerce often feel that social media is a little unnecessary for them; that, or they go about it in completely the wrong way.

So here’s a quick guide to getting it right!


Make no mistake: you should be using social media


Many people who start an online store may find themselves discouraged when it comes to social media. That’s because social media doesn’t generate quite as much traffic as a lot of people make out: most ecommerce stores get the bulk of their conversions via email and search engines rather than social media. But this is true for a vast majority of businesses. The problem is that conversion from social media is much more difficult to see, let alone quantify correctly. Social media helps you engage with current customers. Don’t overestimate it – but underestimate it at your peril.




Social media promotion takes time


Your use of social media for your business should be included among the marketing needs, as well as the customer engagement and service needs. And if you think all of that can be done quickly, think again! There’s a reason why so many businesses use full-time employees for social media matters. Of course, small businesses don’t always need to do this – they just need to ensure they find the time to engage in social media. This is why so many business owners use tools like an all-in-one marketplace solution for your business – the more time you save on the actual development and infrastructure of your online store, the more time you can devote to the other matters that are essential to your business.

Your business personality


What really sets you apart from other businesses? Sure, the manner in which you do business, the deals you can provide, the service you give – all of these things are what matters the most. But you should never underestimate the power of a company’s personality. And there are few mediums through which to better express this personality than social media. Just check out these businesses that managed to get some free press because their social media accounts are so much fun to follow. It really helps your business stand out from the rest when you keep things fresh, funny, and friendly.



Information and content


Here’s what you need to remember: people aren’t on social media to have things sold to them. People don’t log onto Twitter with their credit cards at the ready. They’re going on there to catch up with their favorite personalities, to see what’s going on in the world, to have a laugh, to be informed. Yes, promoting products on social media can be a good idea – but you have to remember that people aren’t there to be advertised to. So make sure the bulk of your content is informative in other ways. Share information, or consider setting up a blog that you can integrate with social media. This will help you generate original content!

Drive Social Media Clicks And Conversions With These Button-Mashing Ideas

22 Mar


What is effective social media marketing? It’s marketing that directly helps to build a business. It’s marketing that helps drive those clicks and conversions you so desperately need to stay afloat.


According to the data, social media is becoming more and more important to businesses. Shareaholic recently released a study in which they found that more than 30 percent of total traffic to business websites came from their social media platforms. As social media becomes the go-to platform to experience the internet, perhaps eclipsing even Google search in the near future, companies that know how to leverage social media for maximum effect will be the most successful.

increase social media conversions


The question for entrepreneurs, therefore, is how to boost their social media marketing in a way that’ll get customers mashing their left mouse buttons every time they see the company’s posts. Here are some quirky ideas.


Organize A Celebrity Takeover


A lot of your customers are likely obsessed with celebrities. And so getting one to write your tweets and Facebook posts could potentially be a great marketing ploy. If you’ve got the right connections, try to find somebody famous that customers of your business would love to interact with and ask questions for the day. For instance, if you’re a car parts company, you could try to get a famous racing driver to come out of retirement and take questions on your Facebook page. Having a celebrity take over your account can create a lot of buzz for your company, especially if it appears as if they are endorsing what you do. Just make sure that you’re careful about who you approach. You want a celebrity who isn’t totally unhinged and won’t destroy the good reputation you’ve worked so hard for.


Share Your Positivity


Twitter has become a bit of a political nightmare recently, with people getting angry about the current state of the world. In fact, things are so bad that Twitter has starting banning and censoring people whose political opinions they don’t agree with. Companies are advised strongly to stay out of the fray. Companies like Kellogg’s and Starbucks who have made their political ideologies public have been ruthlessly punished by segments of their market and have lost both sales and staff.


Because politics drives so much of what happens on social media, it’s a tempting target for companies to latch onto. After all, cat memes have been replaced over the last 24 months with references to the changing political order. Companies would be silly to miss out on these marketing opportunities, but how do they take advantage of them when the subject matter is so inflammatory?


One idea is to try to put a humorous spin on current events. Instead of offering political opinions (and in the process alienating half your customer base), provide comical commentaries on the current state of affairs that will appeal to people of all political persuasions. Try to make yourself relevant to the political conversation without actually offering any opinions of your own. Research has shown that companies that regularly put a positive spin on things tend to gather the most followers. If you have strong personal views on a particular topic, set up a personal account. Don’t put your brand at risk.


Fire Bad Customers


Social media can be a bit of a minefield. You never know when your company is going to be the target of a sustained assault by a disgruntled customer. The instinct of many entrepreneurs is to be as apologetic as possible and try to defuse the situation. But this tactic doesn’t work and can often signal to other customers that you really have done something wrong and let a customer down.



A better solution was recently demonstrated by Liberty Bottleworks. The company got some bad feedback from a customer who was upset with the service that they had received. The client was looking for the company to capitulate, but instead, the company replied in an honest but firm way. They pointed out that the customer had been unreasonable and that they had taken advantage of the company long enough. The firm response, according to Adweek, won the company lots of respect on social media and increased their following. It showed that paying clients like businesses who are honest and forthright about what they do.


Facilitate Meaningful Connections

increase social media ad clicks


Never treat your customers as resources from which you can extract money. This motive will come across unconsciously in all your interactions, potentially putting customers off. Instead, interact with customers in a professional way that shows that you genuinely care for their wellbeing. You’ll be surprised just how many like-minded people you’re able to find on social media and forge relationships with. Find a common interest and keep the conversation open, thereby reinforcing your company brand.


Be A Little Quirky


Sometimes it pays to be a little different in life, especially when you’ve got to differentiate yourself from the competition.


But what’s the best way to be weird? The short answer is to avoid playing it safe. Social media users love it when companies are authentic and have personalities. They don’t like bland companies, desperately treading on eggshells.


Build Facebook Groups


Although Facebook security risks are a reality, the benefits of setting up a Facebook group are immense. The problem with Facebook right now is that it is getting enormously saturated. So many businesses have piled into the platform that it’s hard to get your content in front of your users. Because of this, more and more companies and marketers are setting up their own Facebook groups, allowing their members to receive direct notifications whenever the company does something.


For businesses, the benefits are potentially huge. Facebook advertising isn’t cheap, so getting customers to be part of a Facebook group is a great way to freely disseminate your content.


Market Across Multiple Platforms


Cross-platform marketing is all the rage right now. The reason is that it’s much easier to build your following on any one particular social media site when you’ve got a bigger pool of people from which to draw. You could attract people from your Instagram account, for instance, to start following you on Facebook. You could also tweet on Twitter that you’ve just added a bunch of new photos to Instagram and incentive people to sign up to your Instagram account.


Embed Calls To Action


Ever since social media became a significant business platform, the companies behind the sites have been looking for ways to give budding enterprises more tools. It’s now possible, according to Econsultancy, to embed calls to action directly in your Facebook posts. For instance, if you’ve just launched a new line of smoothies, you can give your customers an option to buy your product, right on the Facebook page itself. This helps to reduce friction and provides customers with what they want faster.


Write Long Posts


Twitter deliberately restricts the number of characters you can use in any particular post. But it turns out that most people want more content than just a couple of lines. Many businesses are now turning to Google Plus to write longer posts. Google Plus is a platform that encourages conversations and allows people to “+1” a post or a comment if they like it.


Use Custom Tweets


After you’ve inserted all your hashtags, tweets can end up looking like a bit of a mess. But they don’t have to be that way. In fact, there’s a lot that companies can do to make them more eye-catching and easier to read. For instance, you can use unique fonts and colors, and line breaks to break up the text.


Getting A Website Ready To Grow

15 Mar

For a business or for a personal brand, the website is one of the most powerful tools for maintaining an identity in the online world. Like a business, it evolves and it grows in time. Sometimes, you just want to get current. Other times, you want to be able to expand it to new areas and new depths. If you want to grow your site, you need to ask yourself the following questions.


Link to Photo

Shake off the mistakes

Having a goal to develop your website, a key focus of how you want to make it better, is a good idea. However, it doesn’t hurt to take the time to do a little housekeeping, either. Now is the time to identify all the cases of bad navigation, of overloaded pages, and anything that gets in the way of the site’s usability. Now is the time to weed them out.

Grow in the right direction

If you want to grow the site but you’re not entirely sure how you can make it better, then now is the time to look at the analytics. Analytics can show you not only which pages get the most traffic and could benefit from a bit more focus. They can include heat maps that show you exactly where on each page a visitor’s attention is going. You can find the elements that work and expand on them throughout the rest of the site. Or you can use an area that gets a lot of attention but is being underutilised, adding calls-to-action and the like where there was little before.

Make sure you can support the weight

If you start off with a host that deals specific with small, amateur web operations, you’re going to soon find out that they might not be able to support the site as you grow. You need to look at options like PAC Web Hosting and how they offer different packages for sites with different needs. Otherwise, you won’t be able to scale the site up as much as you would like. Meaning you will forever be limited in just how you can grow it.

Grow it outside the site

If you want to improve the traffic of a site, then the site alone isn’t enough. You need to focus on how you can attract and retain more people. Attracting them might mean using appealing landing pages with social media campaigns or improving your search engine positioning. Retaining them can be a lot easier if you make use of remarketing tactics like those used by Clickity. Remarketing can have your site appear to past visitors in their social media, for instance, giving them ample incentive to check back with your site. This can work in either keeping old visitors informed of new content that might appeal to them or to encourage repeat customers.

Updating a site for the purposes of keeping it fresh isn’t a bad idea. But when you’re updating it, take the time to answer the questions above. Get as much from your update as you can and watch your traffic data as you reap the benefits.

Going International With Your Business

14 Mar

going international with your business

For a lot of businesses, moving their work making their customer and client base international can be a logical step to make. It gives you the chance to reach out to a lot more customers. And, it allows you to fill gaps in the market. Of course, this comes with it’s difficulties. You have to make sure that you prepare for your international work. And, all of your content needs to be up-to-snuff. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the best ways to improve your business before taking it overseas.

To trade with people in other countries; you have to be able to show them content in their own language. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and learn a second language. But, it can help to have some things translated. You need to appeal to as many regions as possible Or, at least the ones that you will be likely to serve. You will almost certainly need help to do this; there’s loads of work to do. Your website will need to be updated. And, you’ll need to be able to send emails in a different language. To do this, you should use the help of a professional bilingual marketing agent, like Bilingua Franca. Using a service like this can prove invaluable when it comes to reaching out to your foreign customers. People will appreciate that your website is translated for them. And, it will help you to gain customers that can’t speak your language. People won’t shop on a website that they don’t understand.

Working overseas may require some networking, depending on the type of business that you run. One of the best ways to do this is through social media, like Twitter or Facebook. These give you a chance to reach out to companies and potential partners to get your products or services into other countries. It can be easier to have another company handle some of the work when you’re expanding. Sometimes, companies get overwhelmed with the work that they put on themselves when doing this. So, it’s critical to make sure that you consider the idea of getting some help. Remember; it will always benefit the other company, too.

When conducting business, it’s very important to be able to communicate effectively. Using telephones or email can be very difficult when you want to talk business. It makes it hard to be friendly. And, people can’t read your expressions. So, instead, it’s best to use the services of a company like Skype to host video conferences with your clients. This will help you to build rapport, just like in a meeting; even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

Working with people in other countries can be hard. But, it can also be incredibly rewarding. So, it’s worth giving it a shot; if you think you’re ready for the work. Always make sure that you can handle the extra workload before you take it on. You might need to employ more staff members to tackle the job once you get started.

Is Website Visitor Tracking A Waste Of Time?

10 Mar

When some people set up new websites, they put little to no thought in analyzing their visitor’s on-page behavior. They feel that website analytics is a waste of time. Their reason? People are already interested in what is on offer if they’ve made an effort to visit the site!


That might be the case for some visitors. But, for others, they’ve usually followed a link from a search engine results page. Or they may have been referred from another website but aren’t too sure what the destination site is all about and was just curious.

google analytics


As you’ve probably gathered by now, website analytics isn’t a waste of time. In fact, it’s just as essential as buying a domain name for your site! Still not convinced? Let me share with you some reasons why you’re wasting time by NOT taking advantage of website analytics:


Your web pages might suck


Style is subjective. You might think your website looks fantastic, but the rest of the world may disagree with you! When you build a site, it’s crucial that it gets tailored for your target audience. It doesn’t matter so much if YOU like it or not; what does matter is that it gets results and a return on your investment. After all; you’ll have had to pay for your website, hosting, and domain name!


If your content isn’t appealing to your visitors, you’ll have a high bounce rate. In other words, they look at a page on your site and decide to surf elsewhere on the Web instead. If you don’t install any digital analytics tracking on your pages, you’ll have no idea if you’ve got a high or low bounce rate.


Your web pages might be broken


There’s no denying that web design technology is evolving at a rapid pace. These days, the use of Flash on a website has significantly decreased.


Many mobile devices and even desktop browsers are discontinuing support for the product. If you have a lot of Flash content on your site, try looking at it from an iOS device. Notice how the page is blank where the Flash media should be?

website metrics


That’s because iOS devices don’t support Adobe Flash! Website analytics can tell you a lot about your visitors, including what devices they use. If a high proportion is iPhone or iPad owners, you’ve got a big problem you need to fix – and fast! Otherwise, it could damage your site’s SEO score!


You won’t know how well your PPC ad campaigns are going


Do you have paid ads on display through platforms such as Google AdWords? If so, you might get some analytics information on the ads that perform the best. However, are you aware of what your visitors do once they get transferred to your site?


If the answer is no, you’re in dire need of website analytics! Using the technology, you can see the flow of pages that most visitors access. For example, after the home page, they might click on your “Products” page.


I hope today’s blog post has been of use to you and that you’ve learned a bit more about website analytics.

how to use website data for marketing

Social Media Marketing: 4 Creative Lead Generation Ideas That You’ll Love

8 Mar

In recent years, the popularity of social media has exploded! Businesses are nowadays using social networks to their advantage for the purposes of promotion and advertising. After all; social media offers a cost-effective way to get a message out to a particular niche audience.


Social networks offer an array of marketing options, some are even free of charge. The trouble is; some business leaders are unaware of the best ways to use social media to their advantage. If that sounds like you, don’t worry because today I’m going to share with you some hot tips on generating more sales leads through social networks! Here is what you need to know:

social media marketing 2017


  1. Reach out to a successful business leader in your industry


People love reading stories that inspire them. Armed with that knowledge, you could interview a successful industry leader for your website or blog. Once you’ve done that, share a link to your interview through social media. You could also ask the person you’ve interviewed to share a link to your page from their site and on their social media pages too.


As you can appreciate, it’s a brilliant way to drive more traffic to your website. It also shows your followers that you enjoy sharing the thoughts of others within your social media profiles.

  1. Create a quick survey for people to fill out


Another idea to generate sales leads for your business is by creating and sharing a survey on social media. How does that help your company, you might be wondering? Well, the idea is two-fold.


First of all, it shows that you care about people’s opinions about your brand. And, second, you can use it as an educational tool to learn more about their spending habits.

social media marketing strategies that work


Using that knowledge, you can then tailor your future products and services more to their needs. The lead generation part is perhaps the most clever bit of all! At the end of the survey, you can ask participants if they want to learn more about the product or service you are promoting or talking about in your survey.


Websites like can tell you more about such lead generation strategies.


  1. Create instructional videos


Social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to embed videos into your posts. You can use that fact to your advantage by creating some instructional videos. The ones you make should be on how to solve a particular problem (using something you sell).


Assuming you do good videos, your followers will share that media with their followers and so on. Take a look at this screencast tutorial from for further details.


  1. Create a viral meme


In case you didn’t know, a meme (pronounced “meem”) is usually a funny or satirical image overlaid with a caption or quote from someone. People love sharing stuff on social media, and a meme can help you generate leads to a product or service that you sell.
Think of a funny situation where what you sell could come in handy. If you put the right spin on it and capture your audience’s attention, your meme will go viral! Check out the meme generator over at for some inspiration.

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