Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

21 Jun

These days, it’s rare for a business to survive without an online presence. Online marketing has made it convenient for businesses to advertise and reach a global audience. If you want to compete with other businesses, you’ll need a website, a blog, social media accounts and more. Traditional marketing is much harder to do, but some people still stand by its effects. So, which is better? Online marketing or traditional marketing?



Reaching an Audience

When it comes to reaching a specific audience, online marketing has the edge. All you need to do is set up a social media account and soon, you’ll have a huge audience at your fingertips. With the analytical tools available online, you’ll be able to narrow down who you should and shouldn’t target to get the best out of your business. If you monitor the content that’s being looked at by your audience you can tailor make an online marketing strategy to suit you.


Connecting with Your Audience

You can easily get the information you require to target your audience and keep them coming back for more online. However, some business owners would argue that you can’t create the same connection with your customers online as you can face to face. That’s why holding events or meeting with clients is so important. You can get the things you need for an event at . There’s nothing like a free balloon or t-shirt to make a customer remember your business.



Traditional advertising can still be costly. Once you’ve invested in banners, flyers, pens and anything else, your marketing budget can take a huge hit. When you choose to invest in online marketing, you may save yourself some money. Yes, you’ll have to build a website and invest in sponsored ads, but once you have your audience, you won’t have to keep spending, unlike traditional marketing. It doesn’t cost anything to set up a social media page; it only takes time to build up the right audience. Some would say that online marketing is the cheaper option.



Making Money

A good money day at a bricks and mortar store won’t begin to compare to a good money day online. That’s simply because 90% of your potential customers will be online. If you continue to post on a social media page throughout the day, more people are going to see you online and purchase online, rather than visit the store. Similarly, your online store doesn’t have a closing time. If someone passes your bricks and mortar store at 6pm they may have missed their chance to make a purchase. Online shoppers can make a purchase at 3am if they wished to.


The best option for any business is to use online marketing and traditional marketing to complement each other. If you want to make a real success out of your business, you can’t have one without the other. Monitor what works best for you and your business and take advantage of it. Don’t compare yourself to others- do things your way.


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