Save Time And Increase Engagement With These Great Tips

14 Dec


If you’re a millennial, then you would have grown up in an age where online friendships were the norm, and watched the digital arena become a bigger and bigger part of day to day life. Although you may take to social media more naturally than older generations, managing your social media channels effectively can be a real source of irritation. Your brand needs to be active pretty much constantly, which can obviously be a real strain on your time. Here are a few tips for saving yourself time, all the while increasing engagement.

Focus on Quality


Although it’s certainly useful to have a constant stream of updates and content on your social media channels, this should always be secondary to the quality of what you’re posting. You need to make sure that what you’re posting is good enough for people to bother sharing, re-tweeting and so on. To milk as much value as possible from it, you should also be trying to post content that’s going to have a healthy lifespan, rather than just being relevant for a week and then getting swallowed up in the tide of other things. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you came across a poorly written post with a distinct lack of sources, are you going to interact with it or just keep scrolling?

Start Using Scheduling Tools


No one out there is going to expect you to manage your social platforms in a way that constitutes manually posting 20 or even more times a day. Using scheduling tools is one of the best moves you can make if you’re looking to save time within your social media management, so make sure you’re not neglecting it. One of the most valuable features of these kinds of tools, aside from their obvious potential to save time, is that they allow you to auto-schedule your posts for times in the day when they’re most likely to draw a lot of engagement. Different social networks are more active at different times in the day, and timing your posts properly can have a huge impact on how valuable your social media marketing is overall.

Get Your Quantity Just Right


Almost, but not quite as important as the quality of what you’re posting, you need to make sure that the quantity of what you’re posting is as close to perfection as possible. Social media is about what’s happening right now. Studies have shown that this is especially true for Twitter, with engagement increasing dramatically week-on-week when more tweets are published compared to a week of less activity. In fact, this can lead to significantly more traffic to the company’s website, and in turn better conversions. Don’t be afraid to post content multiple times, especially with organic reach continuing to decline. Just make sure you’re researching campaigns from some of your competitors, and getting the numbers just right according to the platform. What’s acceptable on Twitter can often come off spammy on Facebook.


The next time you’re dealing with your social media marketing, be sure to take these tips on board!


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