6 Very Useful Tips to Get More Traffic

18 Sep

There is one thing that matters the most to any serious business owner or a marketer, and that is getting more customers. This is basically the rule for any type of business, and one of the best ways to attract new customers is to boost your website’s traffic.



The traffic on your website is what helps your business stand out, so it’s understandable that you need to generate as much traffic as possible in order to maximize the potential of your site and get higher revenue. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can address, and most of them are basically free. You just need some time and a few planning skills. We’ve searched the web and we’ve collected these useful tips that should help you with your traffic generation. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and get your traffic up.


Social Media

Let’s face it – social media has become extremely important part of our everyday lives. With millions of users spending countless hours on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it becomes imperative to find the right way to address those people. There are some great things you can use social media for, like the content promotion or engaging campaigns. You can even use social media to organize contents and hand out rewards, and you can get quite a lot of free promotion too.


As social media can seem very casual and easy to use for your marketing campaigns, we’ve experienced quite a lot of poorly executed campaigns in the past. This happens because most of the time, these campaigns don’t have a particular purpose. They should be aimed in such a way so they drive both leads engagement and the brand awareness. Make sure your social campaign is planned out, it has a specific purpose and it can get your visitors to engage.


Online Reviews

Various studies have shown that more than 85% of the users completely trust the online reviews. Knowing this makes the user engagement process even more important. Even though it sounds easy, there are a lot of businesses that don’t manage to pull off this strategy. Finding a way to get a review from most of your visitors can help you a lot.


User reviews are important because of various reasons. They represent the unique content and the concrete point of view from your users. With new reviews, pages that would otherwise be static now have updates and basically fresh content that promotes your services or products. Another amazing thing about online reviews is that usually, people that leave reviews have larger social circles, so you get better promotion through their recommendations.


Viral Content

We’ve all seen our fair share of the viral content over the years. Using viral content as a marketing strategy has proven to be quite useful when it comes to the worldwide promotion. What this type of content does is that it gets the attention of a visitor, it makes the visitors engage, and it aims to get the visitors so drawn in that content so they share it. When the content is done in a proper way it can leave quite a significant mark in the online world, and in return, your website traffic skyrockets.


In order to make really enticing viral content and get to profit from it, you need to follow some steps. The first thing you need to do is defining the focus group. Once you understand your audience, planning out the right content gets easier. The next thing to keep in mind is originality. No one likes to see a copy of a copy. Try to find the original ideas and try to do something no one has done before. It may seem impossible but trust us, with a bit of imagination and some professional help your website can flourish overnight.


Guest Blogging

A pretty common practice when it comes to promotion is to get involved in guest blogging. Whether you’re writing content for a bigger blogging site, or you’re inviting guest bloggers to publish their articles on your website, guest blogging can help you boost your traffic significantly.


Publishing content on other websites helps you generate traffic from those websites, and it also helps you with brand building. Having guest bloggers publish content on your website also helps with generating more traffic as those bloggers share the content through their social media and their blogs. Just keep in mind that the content you provide or publish is fresh and original.


Responsive Web Design

Knowing that the number of online visits from mobile devices has surpassed those from desktop computers, it’s absolutely imperative that your website has a responsive web design. What this means is that your site should be accessible from all devices.


There are some things you can do, in order to optimize your website and boost its traffic. You can always get the help of web design freelancing experts, or you can learn more about responsive web design and how to adapt it for yourself. It may seem too complicated, but if you’re running a WordPress website, it could be done very quickly, with the help of few plugins.


Videos and Webinars

People like interaction, but they also need some visual help to engage them more. Using video testimonies or video presentations for your products and/or services can significantly expand your audience. In one of the studies, more than 60% of people stated that they have more trust in brands that use videos for promotion.


Webinars are also another great way to get involved with your audience. Webinars are usually live video presentations where you can talk about a specific product, service or anything related to your business, and you can take questions from your audience. This is also a great strategy to reach wider audiences and it helps you “seal the deal”.


Wrapping It Up

No matter what type of business you have, your website is extremely important part of that business. For quite a lot of people, it’s the first impression they get about you and your business. Your website can help you generate revenue, but only if it generates traffic. Hopefully, these 6 tips will point you in the right direction, so you can truly understand the best way to reach your visitors.


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