Spread The Love: How To Share Your Audience Between Platforms

25 Aug

There’s no denying that social media and business are the happily married couple of the modern age. Business owners everywhere could recite all the benefits platforms like Twitter hold. And, with new social selling points arising every day, things are only getting better.

But, despite our knowledge, we’re not all managing to make the most from this medium. Some companies are opting only to use one platform, when actually, the more they use, the better return they’ll see. And, even those who are on everything from SnapChat to Facebook, are failing to reap the full benefits.

So, what’s the solution? In truth, the answer to social media success is getting social among your platforms. You need to engage with your audience to spread the love. Your Twitter followers should be watching your Instagram. Your Youtube subscribers need to be checking out your Facebook. It’s the best way to get inside people’s heads. It’s also a sure way to achieve success on every platform you use. But, how can you share your audience?

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Share, share, share

As we’re talking about sharing an audience, it makes sense to start with the importance of sharing posts. By that, we mean that if you post on YouTube, you need to Tweet about it, and vice versa. On each of your platforms, share your favorite posts from other sources. Nothing’s easier for getting an audience from one to check out what you’re doing on another.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. You need to cater to your audiences to ensure they look at what you’re linking. On Twitter, you’re free to be a little more general. Here, users enjoy video, pictures, and text. Your SnapChat followers, on the other hand, want instant gratification. As such, a picture of a wordy blog post won’t go down well.

Analyse your audience from each platform

Analysis is important in any walk of business, and social media is no exception. Most platforms, notably YouTube and Twitter, come complete with analytics pages. Look at these regularly to see what’s popular, and attempt to spot similarities in your audience. If you want to take things further and compare audiences from all platforms, it’s worth looking into something like Izenda’s embedded BI platform, which can collect and compare data from a variety of sources. Once you know the similarities between audiences, you can bring them together.



Keep the same tone throughout your accounts

The right tone on social media can take a long way. Most of us already know that one person should take care of Tweets, etc. It’s the only way to build a personality. But, have you considered your tone across platforms? To ensure your audience spreads, keep that same tone throughout. This is also an excellent way to ensure posts hit the mark. If your Twitter followers engage with the dry humor of your tweets, they’ll be disappointed by more upbeat Instagram posts. Entrust all accounts to one person, and emphasis the importance of voice!



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