How To Reel In Potential Customers To Your Business

6 Dec

Marketing your business, whether you’re new or old to the game, can be a real headache at the start of a brand new campaign. The industrial and technological landscape is changing rapidly every day, which means your technique and approach to improving your business and spreading your brand needs to move with this rapid tide of change. Otherwise, you might find that your business is left behind and all your potential customers have gravitated towards a platform or a provider which understands the current state of the market and meets their needs.


Where do you begin? That’s a tough question and one which varies from business to business, but one thing remains the same across the board: consumers. People browse and search for the things they need in a largely uniform fashion and you need to hone in on that marketable potential.

Rework your brand.

Whilst your brand does not reflect the quality of your staff or the drive and passion you put into your business, it does help to establish your company and its core identity. Before you can even consider increasing your base of regular customers, you have to think about the ways in which you will be defined from every other company within your market. Consumers have a lot of choice in the digital era and a strong brand is necessary if you’re to captivate their attention and draw them away from your competitors.

Social media is often used incorrectly by businesses.

Social media is a tool either neglected or misused by so many companies and this is either a product of misunderstanding its function or underestimating the potential of social networks when it comes to SEO and effective marketing. When we’re talking about a social network, we’re talking about the perfect place for you to reach new people. Through the power of referrals, your brand and services can spread like wildfire, because people trust their friends. If you want your business to succeed locally, then you have to use the internet as you would use word-of-mouth marketing in real life. You should to be encouraging customers to pass on word of your business to other people through incentives linked to products or services you might offer.

You still might not yet be reaching your potential audience.

Of course, your business might be successful and you might already work with many clients or sell to hundreds of customers per day, but you might also be cutting your success story short by missing thousands of potential customers lurking across the web.

If you’re a local business, whether small or large, you might feel a little overwhelmed by national or global players – you might even feel that the online game isn’t yours to be played – but shying away from the industry could be detrimental to your business, because there are so many useful tools to be utilised.

There are brilliant SEO solutions across the internet and many of them are designed for businesses on a smaller, localised basis, much like your own. There are people out there who could help you if you’re struggling to move your company to the top of Google. It’s worth considering, because you have to remember that customers browse the internet for products and services on a global and a local basis.


Remaining up to date with current practice in search engine optimization is not as difficult as it sounds.

There is a science behind good rankings and if you enlist in the expert help you need, no matter the size of your company, you’ll be placed not only in the position you deserve to be placed, when it comes to Google rankings, but you’ll also reach the client-base you deserve to be reaching.

Bad Habits That Are Robbing You Of Conversions

2 Dec


We all have bad habits which are holding us back in one way or another. Some of us manage to take long lie-ins no matter how many times we plan to get up early on the weekends. Some of us will break diets consistently, or drink a little more than we know we should. All of us are guilty of little sins like this in our personal lives, but when you fall into bad habits in your digital marketing it can jeopardize the future of your business. Here are some of the ones which could be robbing you of conversions.

Neglecting Your Customers


You may have scoffed at this subtitle, knowing that you would never, ever neglect the customers who made your business what it is today. Are you really sure about that though? When you’re getting caught up in the daily challenges of generating new leads and new sales, it can be easy for social media comments, along with general queries, compliments or complaints, to fall by the wayside. No matter how much you try to justify this habit to yourself, there’s really no excuse for you to neglect your current customer base. Success in digital marketing is all about building loyalty, and encouraging further engagement. Make sure that your customer base is coming first in all of your marketing decisions, and only make any major changes to your product or service when it would benefit them.

Neglecting Your Website


After neglecting or ignoring your existing customer base, doing the same when it comes to the state of your website is the most damaging habit you can have when it comes to digital marketing. This is your virtual storefront; the one thing that’s going to affect your traffic’s opinion of your brand more than any other marketing materials you put out there. If you know that you haven’t been as vigilant as you ought to be with your site, it may be time to pay for an audit or find some kind of free website analysis service. If you’re not posting enough content, it isn’t part of some larger strategy, or the content you do post is really thin on the ground, then this could be one big thing holding your marketing back. Slow loading times are another big issue to think about. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but make sure it’s all mobile-friendly as well!

Rushing into Your Content


If you realize that you’ve been neglecting your content marketing horribly while your competitors reap in the conversions, then naturally you may start to panic. You see you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so in response you rush to your site and start churning out post after post, trying desperately to make up for lost ground. If you’re some kind of once-in-a-generation marketing genius, this could be a great way to stimulate growth. However, that’s probably not the case, and if you try to rush into your content marketing without much of a foundation, you’ll only end up with a blog full of poor content which damages your brand.


Avoid these marketing sins, and there’ll be nothing holding you back!

Don’t Get Bogged Down By Keywords; There’s So Much More To SEO

16 Nov

If you’re thinking about marketing your business online, you’re already probably thinking in terms of SEO. It’s often considered the bread and butter of a digital marketing campaign. But it’s important to remember that SEO is an umbrella term that covers a massive range of different topics. It’s not just, as some business owners think, about keywords anymore. There are plenty of other tools at your disposal to ensure that internet traffic floods your site. So, aside from choosing the right keywords, let’s look at some of the others.

Social Media…Obviously!


You might be surprised to hear that these days your presence on social media is a major tool for SEO marketers. It works like this. When you use social media, you should be sharing content that is interesting, attractive and connected to your business site. Once people start sharing that content, your search ranking grows. Social media presence has also been shown to have a direct impact on domain authority. Domain authority, in turn, determines how attractive your business site is for new leads. As well as this, by using social media, you can increase your online profile. Eventually, this will lead to more traffic for your site. Particularly, if you have a number of links to your site scattered throughout media feeds due to different posts. Don’t be fooled into thinking one social network is enough either. You really need to be using all of them.

Getting Them There Isn’t Enough

You might be pleased when you see that there’s already a nice queue of traffic heading to your site. But you do need to think about your conversion rate. On the surface it might seem like your business is doing marvelously well. But, if you’re buying numbers aren’t high, you’re not getting the full story. This is why if you use an SEO agency these days, they’ll probably offer you a retargeting service. With retargeting, you get another chance to win over the customer. If they leave your site without buying, they’ll be followed by an ad. This will appear as a piece of sponsored content on different pages across the net. As such, it gives you a second chance to win over a customer. Or, it encourages multiple purchases from the same consumer. It really is a win win for the business owner.

PPC And Adwords

You might think that boosting your business through the organic search engine results is the best way to get the most interest. Well, that’s debatable because ideally, you need your company to be on the first page when consumers complete a search. Unfortunately, even Google can’t guarantee that you get this. That’s why many business owners look at the alternative of PPC or Adwords. With a service like this, your site appears in the sponsored results. A massive thirty percent of Internet users click these ads before they even consider the organic results. The benefit of this is that you can guarantee your business does get a high level of traffic.

So you see it’s not enough to just be thinking of keywords anymore. If you do this, you’re only using a fraction of SEOs full power.

The Secrets Behind The Mystery of Viral Video Marketing

14 Nov

The best of social media is about sharing content that influences people. You want them to care, to invest and to act on that investment. To that end, there are different kinds of content for video marketing. In video marketing, you have an opportunity to send a message across multiple senses. This makes them even more convincing that just writing or imagery. But there’s a difference between a good video marketing strategy and a viral one. Here, we’ll look at those differences.


Take advantage of the opportunity you have

Before you start throwing videos out, it’s best to know the nature of video marketing. In particular, know the statistics that can better dictate how you create those videos. For instance, know that most people will give an online video about ten seconds before they click off of it. So you should make sure your video has a big impact in those first ten seconds to keep them watching. Similarly, brevity improves it chances of being shared. People are a lot more likely to share a video that’s less than half a minute long for the most part.

Create impact and value

If you think a straight-up advertisement for your product is going to go viral, you need to think again. For instance, look at the latest Christmas video for John Lewis. There, they have a story that comes first, not a product. Other campaigns like Old Spice are more about the comedic bizarreness of the exchange on screen than the products themselves. Like with viral Facebook messaging, you have to look beyond your product. You have to find the human to connect with first and foremost.


Don’t be afraid to create your own buzz

Virality isn’t just the consequence of a great video. There are strategies you can use to improve its chances of finding more people. Positive social proof is one of the most convincing forces in all of internet marketing. If people are already talking and already viewing, then more will join them. There are a few ways to create that positive social proof. For instance, you might want to consider buying cheap Youtube views on your video to get the ball rolling. Similarly, you can use influencer marketing to get people with communities and audiences to share your video on their own space.

Keep an eye on the data

Whether your campaign goes viral or not, you should be using the data to make sure your next one has a better chance. Youtube analytics is a powerful tool, allowing you to learn a lot about your audience. You can see where they’re from, how they found your video and even their gender. From there, you can use more focus strategies to hit the audiences that showed the most interest. Go deeper and get more of the people who seem to be interested. It means you’re not wasting effort on trying to spread it to those who don’t seem interested.

Going viral might seem like it’s all about luck, but that’s not the case. The best video marketers know exactly what they’re doing and how to boost it. With the tips above, now you do, too.

How Are Hotels Cashing In On Today’s Social Media Frenzy?

14 Nov


Second, hotels are a mixed bag. It is difficult for hotels to get the message out about what makes them unique because there is so much variety. Therefore, hotel digital marketing is about communicating what makes their hotel unique. What interesting experiences can be had at their establishment? Here we’re going to look at how hoteliers can cash in on today’s social media marketing frenzy. Let’s take a look.
Hire A Young, Social Media-Savvy Person To Your Team

Next time you’re doing a hiring round, don’t just look for somebody who is honest and will show up on time. Find someone who knows a thing or two about social media. You could hire somebody for a dual role; one to wait tables and, two, to do the hotel’s social media. People with experience of social media know how to use the different platforms to their advantage. They also have a sixth sense about which marketing efforts will work and which won’t.


Link To Local Attractions

Using social media to link to attractions in the vicinity of your hotel is a great way to sell rooms. You can advertise the location of attractions near to you on social media using the “@” symbol. Guests are more likely to want to visit your hotel if they can see that it’s just a couple of blocks away from their favorite restaurant.


Encourage People To Ask Question

Because people don’t know much about your hotel before they arrive, they’ll want to ask questions. Most hotel managers don’t bother answering questions on Facebook because they don’t see social media as a forum. Instead, they use social media as a vehicle to push out their content to improve their search rankings. Responding to questions online, however, is vital. Visitors are desperate to ask questions before they commit to spending money. They don’t want to wind up getting something that they don’t want. Always respond to questions and build a resource that future customers can then use.


Manage Your Online Reputation Through Review Sites

Review sites are an important online mechanism to make sure that businesses remain honest. Companies can’t rely on anonymity online to protect them against their own poor service. They have to deliver, or customers will complain.
In the hotel industry, customers write reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. If you get a negative review, make sure that you respond and offer reconciliation. Apologize if necessary. Make it clear to anybody reading the review that you still care deeply about customer experience.


Your First Marketing Campaign: What Are The Aims?

14 Nov

social media marketing success.png

Marketing is a complex aspect of any business while challenging the bigger companies can feel rather daunting. Nevertheless, it’s something that you must learn to master immediately. After all, it is your gateway to gaining the customers.
It’s very easy to get carried away with those big ideas. Your first challenge, however, is to determine your goals. You’ll never find the best route to success without knowing the destination. Focus on the follow aspects, and you’ll be destined for greater success.

Make An Impact
First and foremost, you need customers to know that your company exists. As such, perfecting your branding logos, schemes, and imagery should be a priority.

An effective event display can brighten up our pitch at trade shows, and can also make your shop look more appealing too. Meanwhile, giving away promotional freebies will ensure that your brand remains on the tip of their tongues time and time again.
Branding may not impact the quality of your products, but it gives your business its identity. Give customers an incentive to feel enthusiastic, and it will provide the perfect platform for future triumphs.

Establish Your Audience

Getting noticed is a positive step. However, it’s only worthwhile if the awareness comes from an audience that is likely to invest in your products.
You should have a fairly good idea of your target market already. However, the first campaign can often give you a little insight into those demographics. Just remember to record the necessary data, and you’ll be in a far better position going forward. With a better understanding of your audience, perfecting your services should be easy. Besides, they’ll be far more responsive when they’re interacting with the business too.

Generate Trust

Encouraging customers to feel excited about your products is one thing. But getting them to trust your company is another altogether. It’s a crucial word in business, and you won’t get very far without it. Therefore, any opportunity to increase the positivity should be grabbed with both hands. A great company website is the perfect tool for generating trust. A professional web presence immediately validates your business – and people will research it. Besides, customer testimonials and reviews can go a long way to easing any potential fears too. Above all else, your business needs to show transparency. Follow this campaign with great customer service skills, and you will be onto a winner.


Convert Sales

Gaining interest is an ideal starting point, but you ultimately want new customers. Subsequently, it’s imperative that your marketing campaign is built to actively convert sales. Those transactions are the key to helping your business reach its goals. Do not forget it.


You might not necessarily convert the sale immediately. Getting clients signed up to email updates gives you the opportunity to keep promoting the business. Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you build a sense of familiarity with the brand. Blogging and vlogging can be another great tool to supplement the main campaign, especially if content goes viral. Winning a new customer is far harder than keeping hold of an existing client. So if your campaigns can successfully achieve this goal, you’ll be destined for great things.

Restaurant Owners: Are You Getting Social Media Right?

7 Nov

Social media is pretty much the perfect marketing tool for restaurants. After all, one of the key aspects of selling great food is to build a community of regular customers. All social media channels can just be an extension of that. It’s a visual experience, too – how many of your friends do you see posting pictures of incredible meals on their Facebook? Or Instagram? The trouble is, not every restaurateur gets it right. And in today’s guide, I’m going to explain some of the ways of ensuring your social media accounts are working for your business, not against it.


Consistency in tone of voice
All restaurants like to create a certain sense of atmosphere for their customers. It’s important that this tone continues when you are posting on social media, to make your client’s experience more rounded. For example, if you are an upmarket restaurant, you shouldn’t be posting pics of cute cats. Similarly, if you are a relaxed restaurant, focus on extending that atmosphere onto your social media channels.
Encourage your customers to follow you on social media
The biggest benefit of social media is that your followers do a lot of the hard work for you. But, of course, unless they follow your channels, they won’t be able to help. Tempt them to give your page a like on Facebook or follow you on Twitter with special deals. It might be 10 percent off, or a free glass of wine with their dinner – whatever you think is appropriate. As hospitality marketer Scodeggio Samuele states, it can have a dramatic impact. It’s a form of social recommendation – word of mouth, of you like. If the friends of your followers like what they see, there is more chance they will give you a try themselves.


Don’t be afraid of criticism
Many restaurateurs are a little scared of social media – and with good reason. We all know of a restaurant taking a hammering on Facebook or Twitter after poor customer service or a disastrous meal. But instead of being scared, why not see the opportunity it gives instead? If a client wants to complain in public, other people will be looking to see how you respond. If you just ignore the complaint, that won’t go well for you. If however, you appear reasonable, polite, and offer apologies, people will notice in a positive way. Everyone makes mistakes – and everyone knows it. It’s how you respond that can make the difference.
Use geo targeting
Facebook ads are kind of cool – if you get them right. There are a lot of tools at your disposal that can help you laser-focus your special offers to the right people at the right time. And, of course, in the right area. It gives you the chance to provide very specifically, niche targeting that can only be seen by people in your immediate vicinity.

Make connections
Finally, don’t use Facebook or Twitter as a simple promotional tool. People don’t want to see advertisement after advertisement – you need to be more appealing. Offer them more value by posting interesting blog posts. Share – or curate – from other websites and Facebook pages, too. Aim to use a third of your posts for promoting your business at most – the rest should be a lot more interesting.
Hope these tips have helped – let me know how you are using social media!

Is Your Social Media Content As Effective As It Could Be?

3 Nov


Do you regularly use social media to promote your brand but don’t seem to get the results you had hoped for? If the answer is yes, then your content could be to blame. Even though you might post on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean your content is high quality. If it’s uninteresting or inconsistent, this could be a clear indicator as to why you aren’t experiencing success. To make your social media content as effective as possible, it needs to inspire your target audience. This will then entice them to like and share your content. This can then introduce your business to more potential customers and also increase your sales. So to start creating higher quality statuses and content, here’s what you need to do.
Understand your audience
To get outstanding results, your social media content needs to be targeted towards your ideal customer. If it’s not, your content is unlikely to be of interest or shared by the right people. So whenever you create a piece of content, always consider who it is for. Whether it’s students or other businesses, knowing who your target customer is can make content creation far easier. You can write in their language and post when they are most likely to be online. Knowing what problems your target audience face can also be useful. This allows you to create attention-grabbing content that explains how your business can help them.

Only provide useful information
Telling your online followers what you had from breakfast is unlikely to get you many shares or likes on social media. It’s irrelevant to your business, and frankly, it’s not very exciting. So instead of just filling up your feeds with useless information, start generating content ideas. Think about what information you can provide that will also lead people to your business. For instance, if you sell clothing online, you could create weekly content on styling an item from your store. This can inspire potential customers to shop with you and share your content with their friends. Brainstorm ideas at least once a week to ensure you have fresh and relevant content to post regularly on social media.

Establish goals
When you create a social media campaign, they need to be contributing towards a business goal. Otherwise, their function is practically useless. So before you start creating imagery and generating status ideas, you need to establish what your goals are. Your goal might be to increase traffic to your website or boost your sales. You might want more people to engage with your brand, or maybe you just want to gain more followers online. Know what your goals are will make it easier to create relevant content within your campaign. If you’re finding this difficult, contact a digital advertising strategy agency. They can assist you in creating the most suitable campaign with content that is directly targeted to your desired audience.
Improving your social media content is vital if you want to build a strong online presence for your brand. With advance planning and a bit of know-how, you can create content that captures your audience with ease. If this was helpful, ensure you stay updated by subscribing to this blog.

The Skills You Need To Succeed As A Social Media Consultant

2 Nov

So, you want to be a social media consultant? If so, there is nothing stopping you. In theory, if you know how to use Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites, you could set up a consultancy tomorrow.
But that’s just the theory. The reality is that you need a sharp set of skills to succeed as a social media expert, particularly if you want to gain the trust of successful companies. And given there is a lot of competition out there, it is critical that you can set yourself apart.
So, if you want to enjoy success, there are some critical things to do that will enable you bring a lot more to the table. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Measurable, provable results
No business owner is going to let you loose on their social media channels without seeing proof of what you can do. It’s an age-old problem for consultants who are just starting out. You need clients to prove your worth, but you can’t prove your worth without clients. The answer is more simple than you might think – although it might mean giving your time away for nothing. Ask a family member or friend with a business if you can help them get started – or improve – their social media channels. Create a case study by recording everything you do, and the results you achieve,. Do well, and it’s a nice piece of evidence that you know what you are talking about.

When you are approaching potential clients, it is essential that you come across well, right from the off. So, communication skills are vital. Don’t forget, great communication is about listening just as much as it is about talking. If you struggle with either aspect, consider doing some business communication training.

Multimedia skills
Social media is all about making use of all different kinds of media. Think about what comes up on your Facebook feed. There will be humorous images, blog posts, videos, and infographics. There will be links to podcasts, GIFs, and all kinds of other things. If you want to be a social media consultant, you will need to have a good knowledge about how all these mediums work.

Analytical prowess
As a social media consultant, you will live and die by your ability to get the right results. But every business will be different, and have a variety of expectations. For example, one minute you will be working with a business who only wants to get more targeted likes. The next day, however, you might be working for a company that is having an enormous sales push. Either way, you will have to learn to be analytical to ensure you are giving them a return on their investment. Math, spreadsheets, data – it’s all imperative to prove your worth.

Pattern recognition ability
Finally, can you spot patterns that are starting to appear in all the data you look at? If not, social media may not be the perfect outlet for your talents. Recognizing patterns is becoming one of the most important factors in good social media practice. And if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, it’s an essential skill to learn.

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Virtually Famous: How Can You Be Sure That Your Brand Will Stand Out?

2 Nov


Whether your company is a brand new venture or an established business looking to migrate to the online arena doesn’t matter. Your biggest challenge in the world of digital marketing will be standing out from the crowd.
There are over one billion websites out there, and you cannot expect potential customers to randomly pop up on yours. Taking the right steps to gain increased traffic from the audience is crucial for any entrepreneur aiming for online success.
Here’s what you can do to ensure that you don’t get lost amongst the crowd.


Have Character
Social media offers unrivaled opportunities for reaching new audiences. Moreover, SMEs aren’t at a disadvantage compared to global giants. Having said that, the only way you’ll reach your goals when you do something unique.
With such high levels of competition, you cannot afford to be beige. The common theme of the most successful campaigns is that they are different. Copying the ideas of every Tom, Dick, and Harry won’t generate any excitement from the audience. Give them content that sparks intrigue, and you’re already doing more than most.
Besides, this method gives an added insight into the people behind the brand.


Encourage Interaction
In addition to unique content, you should aim to make it interactive. Customers will respond in a far stronger manner when they actively participate. In turn, this will go a long way to keeping your company fresh in their minds.
It could mean running a competition. It might simply involve creating viral-worthy blog posts and videos. Interesting and interactive media content will work wonders for developing those winning relationships. More importantly, their participation can spread the word to their friends, family, and followers too.
Not only will interactive content help you stand out from the crowd. It’ll also give you a better chance of gaining a deeper understanding of your audience.


Target Marketing
Defining your audience and appreciating their needs is one thing. But actively ensuring that your content is seen by them is another altogether. Social media is certainly a great tool. However, the best item at your disposal is Google.
With AdWords campaign management, your PPC adverts will have far greater efficiency. Visibility is the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. This facility will ensure that you are seen by people actively looking for your type of business. If that doesn’t lead to increased sales, nothing will.
Ultimately, your potential customers are the only audience that matters. Trying to reach a universal market will only result in wasted money. Furthermore, it’ll result in less direction towards the people that will actually generate revenue.


Use Other People
Two heads are often better than one, and collaborations are a great way to build your online presence. Not only will it allow you to try more expansive ideas. But it’ll afford the chance to build an audience together.
Another option that has helped many businesses achieve great things is influencer marketing. Whether it’s using recognizable online faces, or your own customers isn’t overly important. If it allows you to get seen by more people without even lifting a finger, that can only be good news.
If you are going to achieve additional traffic, though, make sure your website looks great. Without it, those efforts will be rendered futile.


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