Digital Marketing Skills That Are Still In Demand In 2017

21 Feb

The digital marketing landscape is like the weather – it is always changing. One year you focus on mobile marketing and the next it is email marketing and next year it will be something else. Amidst all the change it is easy to lose focus on one important point – some things stay the same. Yes there is a lot of change and you have to react to the changes, but some things are just too important to go away. That is why they are still in demand and why you should use the following in your strategy.


Search Engine Optimization


SEO is still alive and kicking regardless of what some people think. In fact it ranks as one of the most effective marketing techniques which makes it one of the most important. For some reason there was a myth that the importance of SEO was dwindling. Nothing could have been farther from the truth especially as Google is modifying their algorithm. To become an SEO expert is crucial as consumers continue to search the web and will do for a long time. The way they search is changing but that is a different argument.


Mobile Marketing


That brings us nicely to the next skill which is mobile marketing. Customers still use the internet to search but they don’t do it from desktops or laptops anymore. They do it from smartphones and tablets which both class as mobile devices. Mobile devices operate differently from desktop and laptops. Your business, therefore, should accommodate mobile searches if it wants to tap into the market. To do this you have to tweak your site so it runs smoothly on mobiles or create a mobile site and redirect your users. Apps are also an incredibly potent source of marketing for businesses.



Social Media


Social media is growing faster than the internet – that is how important it is to your business. The fascinating thing is that it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Sure, some outlets are showing a dip in profits but their recruitment is still higher than ever. With so many people using social media it is stupid not to incorporate it into your strategy. It is a great way to talk to customers directly as well as boosting your SEO strategy. Billions of people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, and you can’t afford to miss out on these numbers.




Analytics will never die because you always need to analyse your strategy. Okay you might use a different piece of software than Google Analytics but you will still analyse it. Everything you need to boost your marketing strategy and succeed is in the numbers. It tells you where you are going wrong, how you are going wrong and how you can fix the damage,. That is info you can’t let slip through your fingers because your competitors won’t make the same mistake.


These skills are still in demand today and, more than likely, will be for the foreseeable future.

Keywords That Will Unlock The Secrets Of SEO

17 Feb



Like Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, you are trying to unlock some secrets. But, your secrets don’t revolve around the Holy Grail; they revolve around something more important. SEO is without a doubt one of the biggest weapons at a company’s disposal. Not only is it effective but it is also cheap and helps a firm challenge the big boys. Before you can reap the rewards, however, you need to know the secrets that other businesses miss. It’s time to learn the secret passwords.


Every business will say they value originality but it is just a buzzword they like to use to show they mean business. In reality, lots of businesses just rehash the same stuff, and it is to their detriment. True originality is a key foundation of SEO thanks to search engine rankings. The rankings use factors such as fresh content to rank the sites. As a result, a flow of unique and refreshing content will see you surge up the rankings. Who knows, you might even make the top of the tree.




On the outside, a relationship doesn’t seem like it can help your SEO strategy. On the inside, it is one of the features of the best SEO practices in the industry. Building good relationships relates to link building. Ah, that got your attention. Well, you know how important link building is, which is why you want friends in powerful places. A friend will link to your content or site as opposed to a stranger– it is a fact. They trust you and know that you provide a good service. Plus, they expect the same favour. It is a small price to pay for what you get in return.



The days of searching Google from a desktop are over. Today, searches come from mobile phones. In fact, research shows nearly half of Google’s US searches are conducted via smartphone. That statistic is astounding, and it isn’t hard to see more that more emphasis will go on mobile searches. What does that mean for you? It means your site needs to be mobile-friendly and load quickly among other things. The revolution is underway and you can get on it on the ground floor.




Are you still throwing keywords around like they are candy? If you are, you are miles behind the best SEO users in the industry. The best realise that it is about placement more than anything else. Placement invokes quality, which gets a better ranking from a search engine. So, instead of having them in the main body you should think about the titles and tags. Oh, and don’t forget the Meta tags, too. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they can’t have a big impact.


SEO is new territory, so most people don’t know what they are doing and why. And, that is okay. Because it is ambiguous, you will never be sure it works until you see the rankings. So, you just have to put faith in your strategy and review it afterwards.


Keep these secrets close to your chest and your business will benefit greatly.

The Power of Original Content

14 Feb

When it comes to making a website, nothing hits the audience as hard as original content. Whether you’re running a business that sells cakes or an online service that outsources audio production, original content is going to be what drives your Google ranking up a few notches and puts you ahead of the competition. However, you might be thinking to yourself “how exactly does content help my business?”, and you would be right to be sceptical.



What is content?


When people think about content they’re usually referring to things like blogs, YouTube videos or other forms of entertainment content. However, content by definition means information and material. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of a creative nature, it can be informative or scientific. As long as it is presented and consumed, it can be considered content.


So in the context of business advertising, original content would refer to your product details, your customer promise and in some cases, your own personal blog. The golden rule is that content doesn’t have to be purely for entertainment—it can be used to great effect in a business application too.



What is original?


Original would just refer to the content being made by you or a professional for your purpose. For example, if you are reselling products that other companies are also selling, you might copy and paste a generic product description of the item given by the manufacturer. After all, you’re selling the same item so there’s no need to stand out from the crowd, right? That’d be wrong.


A custom product description will not only rank higher on Google, making you more discoverable, it will also give your customers a different view of a product. Imagine searching through Google and finding the same product with the exact same description that lacks information and technical specifications, but then you come across a site with a personalised write-up and a short review of the product that includes all the technical specifications and several new images that you’ve taken with your own camera. Chances are you’re going to be pleased with the additional information and additional photos and you’ll buy from that company instead.



How to get original content


Original content usually stems from creative writers, but it can also be obtained from powerful SEO services packages. SEO just refers to search engine optimisation which typically uses original content. As mentioned before, custom created content ranks higher in Google’s search engine and more people are likely to click on your original content than typical descriptions and ideas that have been regurgitated by several other websites.
Original content can also come in the form of a business blog. For instance, if you run a computer repair store, then you can easily create blog posts detailing all the challenges you have faced during the day, the wildest repairs you’ve ever performed, and so on. Not only do you give people insight into your working process, you also entertain readers and they are more likely to use your services because they are fond of your original content.

Why You’re Suffering From An Invisible Brand

10 Feb

You have a great product. You have a market in need of it. You have a business completely prepared to deliver the product and all the support that goes along with it. So why isn’t your business seeing the kind of success and recognition it deserves? The answer lies within your image and how you use it. Here, we’ll look at making sure you got the right image, delivered in the right ways, to the most people possible.


You lack definition

You might very well know the benefits of your product and the fact a good target market exists for it. It’s not enough to simply let the product speak for itself, however. You need to make sure that people get the right message about it. It’s all about finding your brand voice and message. Think about your ideal customer, what their needs are, and what the product does. But think beyond the immediate problems it helps to solve. What kind of lifestyle does it help them achieve? Is it about convenience? Is it about security? Is it about luxury? Boiling your product down to the abstract of what it provides can help you find the most emotionally impactful message for the brand.



You lack visibility

A great message doesn’t mean all that much if it’s not reaching anyone. If you’re relying on the online world, then you need to make sure your messaging doesn’t get lost amongst all the noise. For instance, in outbound marketing, you need to find where your audience is. Your market research should help you identify sites they’re likely to use and social media channels they’re likely to inhabit. Those are the places you build your own presence. But you also want to make it easier for them to stumble upon your business. Creating an attractive, informative site and using advisors like an SEO service to make it easier to find will create more natural connections with customers. It’s those natural connections that people are more likely to trust than any advertisement.



You lack punch

But if you want your advertising campaign to truly succeed, you should think even further than delivering a clear-cut message. Some of the best advertising examples are those cases where the advertisement garners as much attention or even more than the business it’s supposed to be advertising. Funny and clever use of social media to create memorable interactions with customers. Viral video marketing. Guerilla marketing in the real world. Create a method of delivering the message that the average person can’t ignore. The message will gain notoriety, making it a lot easier for the relevant parties to catch wind of it even peripherally. Of course, you need to have enough substance beneath the sizzle to keep their interest after.

It’s not enough to simply throw out your product and hope for the best with generic messaging. It takes real insight to define a message, real strategy to make it more visible, and real creativity to make it as engaging as it can be. Take your time and get your plans together.

Online Business: Trying To Target Your Market Is The Hard Bit

9 Feb

If your business has decided to use the power of the internet to spread its wings and market its goods or services through an online platform, then you’ve already completed the first step towards mastering online marketing: understanding the importance of it. The reason most businesses go wrong is that they half-heartedly approach digital marketing, failing to realize that the tide has changed and the online world is now the most effective platform for growing and spreading word of a business; traditional forms of advertising are dying out.


Perhaps your own organization is at a bit of a crossroads. You understand the importance of the internet, and you’ve created a company website, along with a stream of social media profiles, but you have no idea what to do next. You have no idea why you are not bringing in a continuous, overwhelming stream of eager, loyal customers. Of course, that’s because finding and then appealing to your target market are two very different things.

You may know to whom you’re aiming your goods or services, and you’ve most likely acquired some clients, but reaching the full extent of your target market is a different matter. It requires an understanding of the online world, which is why I’m going to discuss some ways in which your business can truly flourish through internet marketing.

Responsive design and SEO.

Ah, SEO. Search engine optimization is a term we all hear a thousand times a day across different businesses, industries and the farthest reaches of the web. SEO has changed a lot over the years, partly in response to Google tightening up and altering algorithms, in order to ensure that people don’t abuse the search engine formulas, SEO is still a popular method for businesses in all manner of industries, because, quite simply, it works.

The thing to remember, and I will continue to reiterate this, is that SEO changes constantly. It’s about so much more than keywords in the present day, if you were wondering why all those catchy terms weren’t pushing your business’ website up the rankings on results pages. If you want to place yourself in front of a target market, you need to be focusing on responsive web design. This won’t only put you higher up the rankings, but it’ll impress potential customers when they do find their way to your site. This is how you truly target your market and captivate their interest, but you might want to get a free SEO website analysis from The SEO Whiz if you’re still unsure as to whether your website is up to scratch.


Follow trends.

Online marketing is tricky, but you have to stick at it until you get results. You need to consistently and regularly update content on your website and social media, because when the online landscape changes, you have the option of either adapting to it or being left behind in the dust. Trends are changing, and following one step behind is always going to leave your business unnoticed. People want new. In fact, you shouldn’t even be striving to “follow” trends, really, you should be paving the way at the forefront of the pack and shaping those trends.

Social media.

Social media can help your business target its optimal market online on so many levels. Connectivity and exposure through sharing is one thing, but advertising through platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are the best ways to truly target potential clients. You want to be placed in front of an audience who would genuinely consider your services, and Facebook algorithms make that a reality for businesses.

It’s Good To Be Social!

8 Feb

Whether you are a business owner, work for a business, or are thinking of setting up your own business, it is important to know how the use of social media can benefit a company, make it advantageous and how it can earn a profit for a company. If you’re a business owner, the chances are that you have read up on the subject numerous times, watched videos and even attended talks and lectures on social media. If you work for a business, you will know how the company operates its different channels and the type of content that is put online; you may even come across sponsored posts from the company you work for on your own personal social media. If you’re thinking of setting up a business, then you will need to do research on what good social media use can bring to your company (if you haven’t already and are not tech savvy, that is).


social media toronto.png


If social media is used correctly, it can bring a lot more customers and profit to a business. Everyone (or nearly everyone) uses social media nowadays in some form, so it is important to enable a business to be seen by people who would not have come across it before. Social media is worldwide, and that is a massive plus for business. Before social media began to be used as a great medium to develop more business, a lot of companies simply relied on their regular customer base to generate income – or put ads in newspapers, advertising agencies and magazines. Now, it is possible for companies to make a profit just by creating social media accounts (which, for the most part, are free) and to upload their products/services for all to see.


However, it is important for social media to be used in the right way. If unsure of the best ways to grow social media, you could hire someone in-house or hire a freelancer to run your accounts for you. When used well, a company can grow quickly. For example, if a new restaurant decided to use social media and hired a professional, the launch night is more than likely to be targeted at the right people rather than just family and friends. A social media professional can develop plans for blogger outreach, analyse statistics and traffic engaging with the social media used, and generally improve people’s knowledge of what the a business offers, where it’s located, and what people think of it.
Whether you like it or not, it is essential that a business uses, develops, grows and invests in social media. It is an accessible, quick way of interacting with potential customers or clients, and running social media can be done from anywhere. However, it is important to ensure that the posts that are uploaded truly reflect the ethos and character of a business – people will be able to relate more to an account that is genuine and fun, rather than static, and with no alluring images or offers.

Is Your Website Letting Down Your Business?

19 Dec


Every business needs a website. That’s hardly a shocking piece of information. The internet has become one of, if not the biggest marketplaces on the planet for just about every business. Whether your business is purely online or not, without a website you’re already pretty far behind the competition. So much so that it’s arguable that if you don’t have a website you’re pretty much doomed from the start. The problem is that far too many business owners seem to think that having a website is the only thing they need to worry about. As if as long as they have the site online, it will take care of itself. This would be a great thing if it were possible. Sadly we live in the real world, and in the real world, things are always a little more complicated than that. Many businesses are let down by their website and can miss out of a lot of customers because of it. Here are few ways that your website might be letting you down.


It’s not specific to your business


One thing that your business should never, ever be is generic. If it looks the same as a thousand other websites, then there’s no way that a customer will ever remember it. You should make it stand out from the crowd, but not only that but you should tailor it to your business. A dentist website design will need very specific elements included in it to make it easy for patients to use, but it will also look very different to a different type of business as well. Think about your business carefully, what it’s for, what message you’re trying to convey. And make sure that you include that in every aspect of your website’s design. That way you can create a site that will stick in your customer’s mind and keep them coming back.


It’s difficult to navigate


There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than wanting to find a piece of information on your website and having no idea where to find it. If your website is impossible to navigate, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference how good your content it. A website with bad navigation is a seriously fast way to lose the interest and attention of your customers. Think about what it is that they’ll be most interested in finding, then make sure that you put links to that somewhere they can easily find them.


It’s over-designed


Every website needs a distinct aesthetic design. The problem is that far too many businesses go totally overboard and end up with an over-designed mess of a site. Learn from companies like Apple. Customers want clean, simple and elegant design that allows them to find everything they need with ease. Forget about animations, bright colors, and varied fonts. All of these things just detract from the information that your customers are trying to access. Keep things simple and you’re website will be all the better for it.

Save Time And Increase Engagement With These Great Tips

14 Dec


If you’re a millennial, then you would have grown up in an age where online friendships were the norm, and watched the digital arena become a bigger and bigger part of day to day life. Although you may take to social media more naturally than older generations, managing your social media channels effectively can be a real source of irritation. Your brand needs to be active pretty much constantly, which can obviously be a real strain on your time. Here are a few tips for saving yourself time, all the while increasing engagement.

Focus on Quality


Although it’s certainly useful to have a constant stream of updates and content on your social media channels, this should always be secondary to the quality of what you’re posting. You need to make sure that what you’re posting is good enough for people to bother sharing, re-tweeting and so on. To milk as much value as possible from it, you should also be trying to post content that’s going to have a healthy lifespan, rather than just being relevant for a week and then getting swallowed up in the tide of other things. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you came across a poorly written post with a distinct lack of sources, are you going to interact with it or just keep scrolling?

Start Using Scheduling Tools


No one out there is going to expect you to manage your social platforms in a way that constitutes manually posting 20 or even more times a day. Using scheduling tools is one of the best moves you can make if you’re looking to save time within your social media management, so make sure you’re not neglecting it. One of the most valuable features of these kinds of tools, aside from their obvious potential to save time, is that they allow you to auto-schedule your posts for times in the day when they’re most likely to draw a lot of engagement. Different social networks are more active at different times in the day, and timing your posts properly can have a huge impact on how valuable your social media marketing is overall.

Get Your Quantity Just Right


Almost, but not quite as important as the quality of what you’re posting, you need to make sure that the quantity of what you’re posting is as close to perfection as possible. Social media is about what’s happening right now. Studies have shown that this is especially true for Twitter, with engagement increasing dramatically week-on-week when more tweets are published compared to a week of less activity. In fact, this can lead to significantly more traffic to the company’s website, and in turn better conversions. Don’t be afraid to post content multiple times, especially with organic reach continuing to decline. Just make sure you’re researching campaigns from some of your competitors, and getting the numbers just right according to the platform. What’s acceptable on Twitter can often come off spammy on Facebook.


The next time you’re dealing with your social media marketing, be sure to take these tips on board!

How To Reel In Potential Customers To Your Business

6 Dec

Marketing your business, whether you’re new or old to the game, can be a real headache at the start of a brand new campaign. The industrial and technological landscape is changing rapidly every day, which means your technique and approach to improving your business and spreading your brand needs to move with this rapid tide of change. Otherwise, you might find that your business is left behind and all your potential customers have gravitated towards a platform or a provider which understands the current state of the market and meets their needs.


Where do you begin? That’s a tough question and one which varies from business to business, but one thing remains the same across the board: consumers. People browse and search for the things they need in a largely uniform fashion and you need to hone in on that marketable potential.

Rework your brand.

Whilst your brand does not reflect the quality of your staff or the drive and passion you put into your business, it does help to establish your company and its core identity. Before you can even consider increasing your base of regular customers, you have to think about the ways in which you will be defined from every other company within your market. Consumers have a lot of choice in the digital era and a strong brand is necessary if you’re to captivate their attention and draw them away from your competitors.

Social media is often used incorrectly by businesses.

Social media is a tool either neglected or misused by so many companies and this is either a product of misunderstanding its function or underestimating the potential of social networks when it comes to SEO and effective marketing. When we’re talking about a social network, we’re talking about the perfect place for you to reach new people. Through the power of referrals, your brand and services can spread like wildfire, because people trust their friends. If you want your business to succeed locally, then you have to use the internet as you would use word-of-mouth marketing in real life. You should to be encouraging customers to pass on word of your business to other people through incentives linked to products or services you might offer.

You still might not yet be reaching your potential audience.

Of course, your business might be successful and you might already work with many clients or sell to hundreds of customers per day, but you might also be cutting your success story short by missing thousands of potential customers lurking across the web.

If you’re a local business, whether small or large, you might feel a little overwhelmed by national or global players – you might even feel that the online game isn’t yours to be played – but shying away from the industry could be detrimental to your business, because there are so many useful tools to be utilized.

There are best local SEO solutions across the internet and many of them are designed for businesses on a smaller, localized basis, much like your own. There are people out there who could help you if you’re struggling to move your company to the top of Google. It’s worth considering, because you have to remember that customers browse the internet for products and services on a global and a local basis.


Remaining up to date with current practice in search engine optimization is not as difficult as it sounds.

There is a science behind good rankings and if you enlist in the expert help you need, no matter the size of your company, you’ll be placed not only in the position you deserve to be placed, when it comes to Google rankings, but you’ll also reach the client-base you deserve to be reaching.

Bad Habits That Are Robbing You Of Conversions

2 Dec


We all have bad habits which are holding us back in one way or another. Some of us manage to take long lie-ins no matter how many times we plan to get up early on the weekends. Some of us will break diets consistently, or drink a little more than we know we should. All of us are guilty of little sins like this in our personal lives, but when you fall into bad habits in your digital marketing it can jeopardize the future of your business. Here are some of the ones which could be robbing you of conversions.

Neglecting Your Customers


You may have scoffed at this subtitle, knowing that you would never, ever neglect the customers who made your business what it is today. Are you really sure about that though? When you’re getting caught up in the daily challenges of generating new leads and new sales, it can be easy for social media comments, along with general queries, compliments or complaints, to fall by the wayside. No matter how much you try to justify this habit to yourself, there’s really no excuse for you to neglect your current customer base. Success in digital marketing is all about building loyalty, and encouraging further engagement. Make sure that your customer base is coming first in all of your marketing decisions, and only make any major changes to your product or service when it would benefit them.

Neglecting Your Website


After neglecting or ignoring your existing customer base, doing the same when it comes to the state of your website is the most damaging habit you can have when it comes to digital marketing. This is your virtual storefront; the one thing that’s going to affect your traffic’s opinion of your brand more than any other marketing materials you put out there. If you know that you haven’t been as vigilant as you ought to be with your site, it may be time to pay for an audit or find some kind of free website analysis service. If you’re not posting enough content, it isn’t part of some larger strategy, or the content you do post is really thin on the ground, then this could be one big thing holding your marketing back. Slow loading times are another big issue to think about. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but make sure it’s all mobile-friendly as well!

Rushing into Your Content


If you realize that you’ve been neglecting your content marketing horribly while your competitors reap in the conversions, then naturally you may start to panic. You see you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so in response you rush to your site and start churning out post after post, trying desperately to make up for lost ground. If you’re some kind of once-in-a-generation marketing genius, this could be a great way to stimulate growth. However, that’s probably not the case, and if you try to rush into your content marketing without much of a foundation, you’ll only end up with a blog full of poor content which damages your brand.


Avoid these marketing sins, and there’ll be nothing holding you back!

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