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How to Grow an Online Brand

26 Dec

Are you a new brand? Trying to grow? In a world full of ads everywhere. How do you start growing? In this article, we will talk about how Happy Being Well, a new wellness e-commerce brand is growing online. When you don’t have an established brand that means no one knows your brand therefore you have to work at getting your target audience to get to know your brand, its values, its mission and what makes them unique. You have to develop relationships with your target audience to convert them into customers.


It first starts with your website since this is the hub everyone goes to learn about your brand and what you offer. Ensure your website is branded with your brand colors, has specific messaging that stands out to the website viewer where they know exactly what you are selling in the first 3 seconds. State specifically what you are selling. For example, anyone can sell sneakers, are you selling men’s sneakers specifically made for golfing? Try to niche down as much as possible to speak the value your brand brings to your target audience.

Offer lead magnets on your site that entice the viewer to subscribe to your email newsletter for an immediate discount, a free e-guide or e-book, a video series etc. Happy Being Well has free wellness e-books that their target audience would love to read in their resources section. This both strengthens the relationship with your target audience with content that educates them and builds your email list.

Have a blog section on your website that educates your target audience on the subject of what you are selling. Publishing a blog article once or twice a week helps Google find your content to rank higher on Google. Also, it helps keep website visitors longer on the website thereby also increasing your SEO ranking since website viewer time is also a part of Google ranking factors. Plus, providing educational content to your target audience also helps them trust you as an authority on the topic thereby helping to further build brand trust.

Having customer testimonials on your website helps your target audience trust and get excited to experience your products and/or services. Happy Being Well does an excellent job of using their customer’s photo, and full name to show they are real customer reviews.


If the CEO or someone in another leadership role in the company is an expert in the field topic of what your brand is about, having a podcast is a great way to further educate and develop a relationship with your target audience. You can do solo podcasts simply talking alone on a specific topic or inviting a guest to speak with you on the podcast. If you don’t have the resources or time to manage a podcast that is completely fine, there are millions of podcasts out there to be a guest on. Also, you can simply purchase audio commercials on podcasts that your target audience is listening to. A lot of companies are sponsoring podcasts today for brand retention and brand exposure.

Building your brand’s social media presence is important for brand exposure, brand trust, and brand credibility. Create different themes for your posts. One theme is to include your customers wearing or talking about your products or services. Research relevant hashtags to include in your Instagram posts. Happy Being Well has different themes for their IG posts, such as product posts, customer testimonial posts, podcast posts, blog article posts. The majority of IG posts are product posts and offering special discounts to their IG followers along with IG contests. One IG hack is after you post, click edit post and add an alt name then type the subject title of the post. This helps people who are blind hear the description of your IG posts. If someone in your company or yourself is a subject matter expert you can do IG lives to speak on a subject matter or interview a subject matter expert. Like with everything else when it comes to digital marketing, it’s all about content, content, and content. You do want to make sure you are offering great content that people want to see, read and hear. Create content that inspires them, motivates them, and teaches them something new. You can also create inspiring videos that educates them or makes your target audience laugh.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, let us know in a comment below. 🙂 Happy marketing! 🙂


Traffic is Not The Secret To Making Money Online

10 Apr

The truth is you can get traffic everywhere, just buy banner ads to place on websites, Facebook Ads, Google Ad-words, and I am sure you know a lot of other sources of getting free traffic to your site. I am sure you have heard stories of people who have spent thousands of dollars on Online Ads without very much ROI, perhaps you have yourself. You have probably asked, well-known Guru’s what is the secret to their online success? You probably got answers, like->”work really hard”, “you know the answers within” etc… Of course there are secrets to success, every industry has them. Don’t you think there is success secrets to: operating shopping malls? casinos? restaurants? Of course!

You have to get inside the heads of your target market, who is your ideal customer? Male or Female? What Do They Look Like? What Cars Do They Drive? What events do they go to? Where do they spend their time online and offline? What are there interests? Get really detailed with this! You will be surprised what revelations you will discover! The ideas will pour through you! Aha! is what you will be saying to yourself, “I can do this, and this to entice my readers to want more and provide value/solutions to this topic.” “I can partner with so and so cause they are already communicating with my target market.” Get Free Online Traffic

Look, whatever business you are in, when it comes to online or even offline-> You are in the information business. Information is what made Google number 1. When you make people happy, enrich their quality of life by solving a problem they will want more from you. Bottom Line.


Ok, here is where the work comes in!! You know you gotta put in the work, right? Nothing comes magically. THERE IS NO MAGIC BUTTON!! Anyone who says there is, RUN away from them as fast as you can! I say that with love to save you, money and time. You have to develop effective online marketing funnels, give free valuable content or products in exchange for there email address and name (OPT-IN FORM) to build your email list. Do not ask for their phone number or home address fewer people will provide this information. Then you will be able to get that MAGIC we call CONVERSIONS. Once you get the conversions then you get PROFITS. Traffic alone will not get you CONVERSIONS that lead to online PROFITS. The formula is traffic + conversions = profits. The key is making a online marketing funnel that converts then any traffic can be profitable.  So remember, you can get all the traffic you want but if you cannot convert it, you got ZILCH/ZERO.


Conversions means a measurable response. To be effective in marketing everything is a measurable response. A opt-in is a measurable response, website views is a measurable response, clicks etc…. Bottom line, a conversion is getting your target to take a desired action that leads to taking action to purchase. Your goal is always to get your prospects to take action, whether it is entering their email, opening your email, making a phone call, downloading your e-book, reading your e-book, etc… So HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO TAKE THESE ACTIONS is what you must always be asking yourself. That my friend is the secret sauce! Lots of little actions lead to the bigger action of making the purchase. In order to be successful in marketing, you must TRACK everything. Tracking gives you the secrets of knowing: what traffic is working for your website? How much to spend on ads and what kind of ads? What aspects of your funnel is working? Once you know this, then you will see the fruits of your labor. Then you can make a AD and see the results you want. This is what I teach and show businesses, solepreneurs to do in depth successfully to finally end the confusion once and for all to see the money coming in.

Once you know the secrets that comes with mastering this online marketing science then you can spend 800 dollars on ADS to get a ROI of 2,800 or more. If you have any questions or comments post them below. Enter you email above to subscribe to this blog to ensure you do not miss my next article about how to get free traffic, after all it is apart of the online marketing success formula just not the only part. Cheers to your progress through quality education. Education will set you free 🙂

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