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How to Grow Your Podcast

9 Jun

Podcasting is on the rise. As more people listen to podcasts, more people are creating podcasts, which creates more competition among podcasters. So what makes a podcast successful with a large loyal listener base? We cover some growth tips below.

  1. Stick to One Topic Theme to Target Listeners with Interest in That Topic

Some new podcasters are all over the place in their episode topics. For example, if you are a fitness podcast don’t mix in topics that are not relevant such as business topics, you will turn off the listener base you are targeting because they chose to initially listen to a fitness podcast as your podcast theme listed that. Stay focused, and cater to your loyal listeners. Therefore, make sure the guests you have on the show are a match to your podcast theme. The more niche you can be with your podcast theme, the better.

2. Publish an Episode at Least Once a Week

You want to stay consistent in releasing your podcast episodes or else the audience you are growing will end up choosing to stay loyal to other podcasts. Plus, the algorithms like consistency to show up as podcast recommendations in the podcast directories. Some podcasters batch podcast episodes to store on their hard drive to release at later dates so they will record maybe 3 interviews in a day to have them released once a week. Some podcasters record live on social media and release the podcast right after the recording to podcast platforms. It depends on what works best for you.

3. Focus on Great Content

Don’t just publish content to appease the algorithms. You want to create content that people are searching for and enjoy listening to. Try to plan out your podcast episode topics in advance. If you have guests on your podcast ensure you are letting your guests shine bright and make them feel comfortable so they feel empowered to deliver their best content. Don’t interrupt your guests while they are trying to finish a thought. Remember people are listening to learn for the most part when listening to podcasts and to be inspired.

An example of a fairly new podcast that has been growing its listener base while staying focused on the theme of personal development and staying consistent in releasing episodes is the “Happy Being Well” podcast on Apple iTunes, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Amazon Music and all other audio podcast platforms. On their 84th episode, they attracted a hugely popular podcast host, Kacia Fitzgerald of EmpowerHer that has over 5 million downloads. Happy Being Well podcast launched in May 2021, a year ago. All their podcast episodes are on personal development themes around self-care and self-love. Some episodes are just with the podcast host and some episodes have guests sharing their self-growth journeys, insights, and strategies for self-improvement. Happy Being Well is up for a nomination for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards 2022. If you are a listener of the Happy Being Well podcast then vote for them as the best podcast to listen to in the health category. Happy Being Well podcast website is here. Your podcast should have a podcast website, describing what your podcast is about, where to listen to it and include your podcast logo image.

4. Share your Podcast Episodes Across Your Social Media Channels.

Create podcast show graphics that include your guest’s headshots so they will want to share it on their social media channels as well. You can also email people who sign up to receive podcast email alerts to be notified of new episodes. One thing you want to avoid doing is to include your past podcast guests on your email list without their consent. This annoys people, it is spam and if they flag your email as spam then this affects your emails’ ability to reach inboxes instead when more people flag your email as spam then email services will recognize your emails as spam and more of your emails will go to people’s spam folder.

If you found this helpful, like and comment below and I will write more about podcasting in future articles. If you have any questions about podcasting comment below.

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