The People’s Choice Podcast Awards for Podcasters

12 Jul

What are the People’s Choice Podcast Awards? It is the longest-running podcast awards show for podcasters. It has been running since 2005. It is open globally for both podcasters and listeners from around the world to participate. It literally allows the people to vote. Your podcast listeners can vote for your podcast in the category you were nominated in.

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony is streamed live on September 30th, 2022 at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST to announce the winners from each podcast category. This allows everyone from around the world both nominees and podcast listeners to watch from their computers or phones to see which podcasts are selected as winners and watch the winners deliver their acceptance speeches.

This year I am happy to announce that my podcast, Happy Being Well has been nominated in the Health Category for The People’s Choice Podcast awards! The “Happy Being Well” podcast talks about self-love and self-care along with other wellness topics to support your mental health to live happy being well through mindset, developing healthy relationships both with yourself & others, mindset techniques involving using the subconscious mind to change patterns of behavior towards behavior that will propel you into taking actions that lead to success, peace, love and happiness.

Every week a new episode is published either with only the Podcast Host, Rita Farruggia, who is also a Senior Contributor to Brainz Magazine or with a guest who is an expert in wellness. The Happy Being Well podcast can be listened to on Apple iTunes, Spotify, i Heart Radio, Amazon, and any other podcast listening platform. Listeners can download free wellness e-books from the podcast sponsor,

Happy Being Well Podcast has had big influencers on the show including Kacia Fitzgerald, the Podcast Host of EmpowerHer with over 5 million podcast listeners. You can listen to the podcast episode with Kacia here. Steve York, who has been featured on Netflix as a Negotiator has been a guest talking about negotiation and developing self-confidence, you can listen to that episode here. The Happy Being Well podcast also has Food & Cocktail TV personality, Jessie-Sierra Ross, who has a show on NBC be a guest to discuss home entertaining tips for your home dinner parties, food recipes and cocktail recipes, you can listen to that episode here. Also, subscribe to the Happy Being Well podcast to listen to an upcoming guest, Celebrity Energy Healer, Annie Parker will appear on the show Wednesday, July 13th!

To support the Happy Being Well podcast to further educate and inspire people to live happy being well, you can vote for Happy Being Well in the Health category here:

Steps to Vote:

1. Sign up as a voter. Create an easy-to-remember password so you can log in to verify your vote to show that you are not a bot. Type in the name of the podcast that has influenced you the most.

2. On the next page, scroll down to look for Health to select, Happy Being Well. Then scroll down to click nominate.

3. Check your email to open an email from Podcast Awards to click Verify to show that you are not a bot so your vote will be counted.

I appreciate your vote in supporting Happy Being Well‘s mission to spread awareness and inspiration to people to live happy being well with a great focus on self-love. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone fully loved themselves. This would end jealously, anger and frustration directed at others and the individual themselves who feel lack and unworthiness.

If you have any questions about the voting process, comment below. Appreciate everyone’s vote and be happy being well! 🙂


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