16 Must-Follow Blogs for SEO Marketers

27 Jun

When you work in marketing, you know that you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve. Not only should you be pushing the boundaries of the marketing techniques you use, but you also need to know all about new platforms and ideas, pretty much as soon as they come out. Yet it doesn’t always feel that easy to be able to do that when you’re trying to go about your daily tasks too.

However, there is one way that you can stay ahead in marketing, and not allow it to take away from the work that you’re going. Our access to digital media means that we can stay up to date with just about anything with the click of a button. But you already know what, you’re a marketer! When you work specifically in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re going to want to stay on top of your sector’s trends, along with wider marketing news. And the best way to do that? Read the right blogs!

Business Insider

As a marketing professional, you’re going to want to be able to know about your wider environment. Working in SEO means that you work in business, so, it can be vital to know what’s going on in the many worlds that make up the business industry. Business Insider is a great blog to start your research with. Dealing with different markets and publishing insights on strategy, you’ll find interesting articles from a range of angles.

The Moz Blog

In the SEO industry, you can learn a lot from different professionals. Learning from your peers, gaining different insights and learning about different perspectives is a great way to broaden your horizon. The Moz Blog features articles from leading industry experts. You’ll find opinion pieces, advice, and tips, as well as interesting articles for a lighter read. Whether you’re looking for a fresh approach to strategy or a few new resources, you’ll find it here.

The Knowledge Bank

Working in SEO, it can also be handy to brush up on all things content from time to time. Yes, you’re going to have your own opinions and practices, but it can also do you a world of good to get some insight into different content ideas. You can get that from The Knowledge Bank. Along with ideas on branding, thought leadership and even best practices, the mix of blog posts you’ll find will be varied, insightful, and thought-provoking.

Search Engine Journal

Next up is the Search Engine Journal (SEJ). These guys are SEO specialists, but they do also cover wider marketing environments, meaning you get a great perspective on the wider industry too. Articles often cover topics like social media, content marketing, and paid search. In the form of opinion pieces, comments and observations, you get a great range of angles on each different topic. Plus, tidbits into industry life and hacks that can streamline your own agency processes. It’s a great blend of strategy and operation.

Neil Patel

But it’s not just the blogs of different businesses and publishers that you should be considering. There are also those run by online influencers that are just as insightful and influential themselves. Like Neil Patel’s blog. The consultant has worked with a lot of big name brands, like Amazon, and has a thing or two to teach you about all things marketing. For everything from YouTube hacks and SEO strategies to social media marketing and content marketing practices, you’ll find unique views on all.

Seth Godin

Following on from Neil, there’s also Seth Godin’s blog to keep tabs on. He is definitely a personality that you can connect with, and his pieces tend to be a bit more insightful than most. But only in the sense that you know they come directly from him – with his opinions and views in full force. His blog makes for a great read and covers everything from professional insights to thoughts on the latest trends.

Yoast SEO Blog

The blog that Yoast SEO run will also be a great resource to find insight and knowledge from. Alongside thoughtful posts on general SEO, you’ll find great detail on analytics and insights, optimization and conversation – the more techie or strategic sides to the industry. This can definitely be useful if you’re working on the strategy side in marketing and often find that you’re looking for new insights.

Hootsuite Social Blog

SEO and content marketing is largely connected to social media and social marketing. So, it can often be a great idea to work on ways to connect with an audience. To do that, it can help to get a range of different insights into social trends and ideas. A lot of us use Hootsuite to schedule our social media, but do you read their blog? It’s great for social education, strategic direction and fresh ideas for when you need them.


When you work in marketing, you know the name Ogilvy. But, do you read the Ogilvy blog? Yes, you’ll get a lot of insight into their activities and thoughts, but connecting with competitors (even if they’re not direct competitors) is crucial in the industry. You want to be able to understand their thought patterns and ideas and share their knowledge. With a lot of great insight on leading industry news and trends, it will also benefit your world to take on different perspectives.


To help with your surrounding knowledge in the industry, you’re going to want to be able to tackle a range of different topics. So, that not only includes with wider marketing business but also things like tech. The Mashable blog is great for this. Not only can you keep an eye on trending tech content that can inspire your own work, but you’ll be kept ahead of the curve and be aware of future launches and products that may affect the way you work.

Search Engine Watch

Then there’s also the Search Engine Watch to watch. With great detail on the SEO industry, including news, trends, theories, strategies, and opinions, it can often push you to think in different ways. You’ll also find great insights into different ideas to try out, along with thoughtful topics that may influence the way you work. Paid search marketing (PPC) is also covered alongside SEO, with snippets of social, analytics, and mobile technologies touched on too.


You’ve also got the content on growth that’s provided by GrowthHackers. Although you will find a full range of great content on the idea of growth marketing, the SEO section of the site is great for marketers. Thoughts on writing content, ranking, keywords, optimization and more, you’ve pretty much got content to scroll through that will cover every aspect of your work. Here you’re going to best benefit from taking on different perspectives of similar topics that will push you to question your own ideals about how to approach your daily tasks for the better.

Marketing Magazine

Then we’ve also got the online equivalent to the printed phenomenon. Marketing Magazine is something that a lot of agencies will subscribe too. But, waiting each month can be a little tired. So, to skip ahead and get the news alongside key opinion pieces at the touch of the button, head to their website. Here, you’re going to get a lot of content that covers everything across the board. But, as a marketer, you’re going to want to make sure that you know a bit about the wider business and what’s going on.


Likewise, it will be handy to know a bit about the wider tech industry to improve your work and thoughts too. TechCrunch is one of the leading sites in the industry and is guaranteed to give you a good perspective. If you want to stay in the know with all things startups, mobile, social and even gadgets, TechCrunch has you covered. It could be a great way to enhance your knowledge and even spot trends or potential growth ideas for your own business.

Brian Solis

Back to another marketing influencer, we also have the Brain Solis blog. Alongside being a key digital analyst in the industry and speaking at events, he also blogs. Again, it can be super handy for your own perspectives to take on board the thoughts and comments of leaders in the industry. So, Brian’s blog with different thoughts and ideas on digital marketing will definitely give you that.

The Daily Egg

For a site that shares insight and trends on all things SEO, the search section of The Daily Egg is another solid choice. Not only is it great for industry newbies that need to learn a few of the basics about how the industry works, but you’ll also find pieces that make you think, tackle conflicting views, comparing strategies and also SEO hacks that could boost the way you work.

With so many different sources to consider, you can definitely pick and choose to see which pieces of content will work for you. With the aim of increasing your knowledge, improving the way you think about different topics and even to challenge the way you work, keeping up with the industry as an SEO marketer is a great way to progress well with your work and in your career.


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