4 Reasons DIY Design Is A Bad Idea

20 Jul

how to do digital marketing

Thanks to free software, it is easy to create a website in less than thirty minutes. This option is tempting for a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs. For starters, everyone in the industry is looking to cut costs, and WordPress does that. Plus, you and you alone get to control the process. As the boss, keeping a grasp on the company is obligatory. However, and you won’t like to hear this, but DIY web design is a bad choice. Quite simply, there are too many potential pitfalls to avoid for an amateur. If you don’t believe that statement, below are a couple of examples.




If you are not aware (you should be), SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple terms, it is the practice of using keywords and links to boost rankings on search engine results’ pages. The higher up the rankings, the more traffic you are likely to receive. Sadly, Google doesn’t put the same emphasis on DIY sites than it does legitimate ones. And, because Google is the king at the moment, it means quality SEO is not attainable. They are too busy checking official pages to worry about anything else.




There is no doubt that you can make a DIY website look the part. In fact, it might be pretty good-looking. However, it will still lack the element of professionalism. A website design expert has an array of tools at their disposal to make a site pop. You have whatever themes are available in the free section. Although the themes are getting better, it is still easy to tell them apart. Free design software is more informal and much better for blogs as a result. It is too challenging to make it appear professional no matter how hard you try.




Because there are only so many themes to choose from, customization is an issue. In the end, regardless of your choice, someone else will have the same theme. As a result, their site will look similar to yours, and that doesn’t appeal to users. Even if you have content that gives your website the edge, customers want more. They expect a wow factor when they land, and it won’t happen if they have seen the same site a million times. At least with a professional, this will never be the case as they can tailor the design to your exact specifications.


Not Mobile-Friendly


Probably the main reason not to go it alone is the mobile industry. Today, it is the largest emerging market around the world, and that is a fact. Simply put, the majority of people use their phone or tablet to surf the web, not a desktop computer. The problem with a self-build is the lack of flexibility. Once you have the domain name, nothing changes. So, the people that use mobile devices won’t be able to view your content. Or, they will, but they will bounce because it is too hard to navigate.


Mobile is fast becoming king, and you can’t afford to miss the coronation.


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