Converting Your Blogs Into Profit-Making Posts

26 Jun

Your blog posts are the unsung heroes of any online marketing strategy. This is because they serve a far bigger purpose than so many people care to give credence too. They cement your company’s branding, they offer free advice that people cherish, they carve out your place as an expert, improves traffic and help attract new customers to your business, and through multiple channels too. They have a huge part to play when it comes to building a good reputation.


But above all of this, and you can ask all the marketing consulting firms you want, the thing that your blog should do best of all is convert your readers into customers. That is what your content needs to be achieving. Customers pay, and that means revenue, and that is what is what makes you a success and not a failure.

blog marketing


The big question is, how do you improve your blog’s conversion rate?

Compare All The Time

In the world of big data that we live in, evaluating your analytics is and comparing your different blog posts to see how they performed is one of the most effective things you can do to improve your efficiency. The thing you should be comparing is conversion rate and then dissecting that to understand them better. What made them convert? Was your call to action better? Was the wording more direct? Perhaps the tone of the content was different? Anything you can learn from your blogs that converted more sales the better.

The More Calls To Action the Better

It is a delicate balancing act, we know that. Too few calls to actions and you won’t get the sales you want and need. Too many, though, and you’ll put people off returning to your site. However, it is better to lean toward too many than too few. As a general rule of thumb, every single one of your blog posts needs to contain some form of a call to action. It is also important that you highlight these and encourage them to step away from your blog to make a purchase, and that means making it easy to do so. This can be done with links, non-invasive pop-up ads or even banners.

Know Your Audience’s Persona

If you want to continually engage your readers over the long-term then you need to get to know your audience as best as possible. That is why we recommend you turn your audience into a person with a personality, someone you can then aim your content at and use this to bridge the gap between you and them. The more details you can include the better. Not only will this give your words more power and a better chance of becoming revenue, it will also increase your repeat traffic and that will increase your chances of converting.

Persuasive Hacks Are A Must

You need to figure out a way to persuade your readers to say yes to buying. That is where leveraging a persuasive hack can really work in your favor. For example, growth hacking is knowing which of your previous posts worked best in terms of engagement and then using this to grow your blog’s exposure. Nothing fancy, just using what works. Online persuasion, on the other hand, is knowing what your target audience is into and what they are looking for and then, once you have understood this as best you possibly can, it is about speaking their language and aiming the content directly at them to up your conversion rate.



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