How The Power Of Words Convert Clicks Into Solid Return On Investment

21 Jun

Without a credible profit margin, any business will inevitably collapse, no matter how much investment is put into a brand and product. The pin drops in the marketing department, where web traffic must be abundant and effective. For companies who have a dominant online presence, a positive ROI isn’t guaranteed, although greatly increases the chance. From a purely SEO stance, reaching out to customers and satisfying their needs, first, starts with relevant information and creating a connection with the consumer on a personal level. Surely the goal of any viral marketing campaign is to drive sales through the roof, garnering a substantial amount of traffic, and spreading the brand throughout social media. However, if a business cannot convert those clicks of interest into sales, attracting consumers in the first place is null and void. So, how do you convert web traffic into sales? There are lots of techniques out there, but a few tried and tested methods stand out.

how to convert higher clicks


Connecting on a human level

Blogging is an effective way of keeping your customers up to date and also, listening and communicating with consumers in the marketplace. Companies like The Business Copywriters that supply creative writers can convert your brand’s ethos and set of values into a bridge. A bridge converts the maybes into certainties, by using professional writers for describing your product or business, writers employ a firm but relaxed tone to connect with those interested. By writers using a combination of the passive and active voices, the cause and effect of an outcome is thoroughly explained and thus if your customers understand your approach, they’re more inclined to trust your business.

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Unique targeting

Every business needs a key market, the type of consumer that treats your business as their bread and butter. This is called ‘funneling’, as the most important part of your website can be navigated to within a few clicks. The homepage of your website should display your best-selling and most important products. With one click, customers should be transported to a category page where your similar products or services are on display. Any more than three or four clicks, the user attention span starts to wear thin, and rather than being straight to the point, descends into a tedious spiral further down a rabbit hole. Incorporate images onto your social media websites which are the links, rather than words, if users like something they see, they’re more likely to click on the image than the name of the product.

Create a call to action

A quite clear tactic and common theme sites use is the clear indication route, such as a bright colored ‘buy now’ button, or the amount of discount percentage highlighted over the image of the product or service. Websites that emulate a real-world shopping experience such as a page to see the items in a virtual shopping cart, allow users to keep track of their potential purchases helping them with money management. The cart should lead to a checkout page where multiple paying options are available and delivery options can be catered for specific times and quality of care. The layout must be simple and easily traversable, with information safety walls such as the requirement of signing up for an account, age, basic information both personal and business, payment method and terms and conditions.


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