Find Your Voice: Making Social Media Work For You

26 Jun

There are a lot of marketing strategies that people go for in this day and age – but one of the best ones of all is simply to learn how to communicate well and clearly with your clients and your potential customers. One of the best and cheapest ways to do that is via social media some people also use sign marketing with companies as Speedpro and some people making online. Here are some ways to make sure you’re doing social media right.


Choose Your Accounts Carefully

First of all, you need to choose which accounts you want to use. Twitter and Facebook are givens – those are the places where people will look you up in order to contact you and ask you questions so it’s important that you have them. Other social media sites are also possibilities. If you have someone in the office who’s good at using Instagram and it’s relevant to your company, why not use that? If you’re focused on design in some way or at least visual elements of business, a good Instagram vibe can work wonders – you need to focus on building brand architecture by working out what is really true to you. If you want to appeal to teens and young people, Tumblr is a must, while LinkedIn is a good way to advertise job openings and attract professionals.

how to make social media work


Make Sure You Proof Read

If your spelling and grammar aren’t amazing, get someone to proof read your posts so that they look professional. No one will have faith in you if you can’t work out if you should use ‘their’ or ‘there’.

how to do digital marketing


Keep Your Accounts Active

There’s nothing more depressing than a blank Twitter or Facebook profile, or worse, one where you no longer post despite formerly being active. People will assume that your company’s no longer going, so make sure that you keep your social media going.

digital marketing plan


Figure Out Your Voice

It can be hard to work out how to speak on social media, particularly if you don’t use it all that much. The best thing to do is to find a happy balance of a chatty, friendly voice with ensuring that it’s always completely professional – be polite to everyone, block or mute people who are trolling you instead of engaging with them, and make sure that you don’t ignore or block people who have legitimate issues and want to talk to you. Finally, remember to use emojis for a little street cred!

mobile marketing strategies


Find A Hook

Finally, when it comes to social media it’s always a good idea to find some sort of hook that makes people follow you even if you aren’t the usual sort of company that they might be interested in. A tried and tested method of doing that is by posting regular pictures of your office dog, for example – you’ll show yourselves as humane, animal loving and relaxed, which is a vibe that a lot of people enjoy. Even if they follow you for the dog pictures, they’ll be hooked in the end and use you for their other needs too! You should also make sure that you’re interactive with your followers – follow people back, tweet them, like their tweets and posts, and be friendly.


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