The Social Media Numbers Game

24 May

Numbers. We put a huge deal of import on them. Everything comes back to those seemingly harmless digits. In general, we equate large numbers to success. But, as businesses turn to social media for the first time, numbers aren’t such a clear-cut game. Obviously, more is better, but it’s still uncertain how. This may be one of those time will only tell situations. But, you don’t want to waste resources and time if numbers aren’t going to make a huge difference. That’s why we’re going to look at a few of the things numbers can, or can’t, do for your social media marketing.


Those of us starting out look at businesses with millions of followers in envy. We wonder how we can reach such staggering heights. But, it might be time to change that outlook. For the most part, social media followers aren’t as critical to your success as you might think. You don’t receive direct compensation for having morel. And, a lot of them may have clicked on your page once, liked it, and never returned. So, numbers don’t directly to translate to money. And, a lot of the time, they aren’t a real marker of popularity. So, why go to all the effort of attracting followers in the first place? It’s important to remember why you started your social media journey. It’s yet another way to reach more customers. And, the more followers you have, the higher your account will appear in listings. Which, with a bit of luck, could lead to more custom. So, followers may not be without their merits. But, instead of focusing on numbers, perfect your content. Customers won’t come to your store because more people are following you.




It’s also worth noting that each platform is different. For the most part, Twitter and Facebook followers don’t lead to money. These are a different type of social media, and their main strength is advertising. On the other hand, Youtube subscribers can lead to cash if you get involved with Google’s AdSense program. Though, this will only work if you’re serious about producing good content. You may also wonder, does buying instagram followers work? Instagram is an underdog when it comes to businesses, but there is an opportunity to get started by paying for a small audience. But, is it worth it? Perhaps not. Again, Instagram followers don’t lead to any real financial gain.



One thing larger numbers can do for you is open opportunities. But, it’s important to consider whether these are opportunities you want before you chase down a large audience. If you have a large following, advertising companies may reach out to you. Again, this doesn’t apply so much on Facebook and Twitter. But, it certainly happens on Instagram and Youtube. Consider whether you would be willing to work with other companies in this way. It may be the only way to see a real return on numbers.


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