The Importance Of Images Online

25 Feb

Do you realize just how important using images online can be? Whether you’re a business or an individual who wants to build a personal brand and following, images can help you to do just that. Here are some things to remember when it comes to using images online:


Pinterest and Instagram Are Hugely Popular

You probably have a good idea of just how popular Pinterest and Instagram are. They’re used by millions of people every day to share attractive pictures, which people can like, share, and comment on. Many businesses are also using these platforms to share attractive pictures of their product, host competitions, and show people how their product could look in the home environment. It makes people far more likely to buy, and if your feed is pretty you’ll get more followers. You can also share customer snaps to increase engagement!


Images Can Give Important Information Quickly

Images can give important information quickly. Much faster than a huge paragraph of text. Think about it, would you rather read a block paragraph, or look at a pretty picture? This is why pictures are important whether you’re using social media, or you’re putting them on your website. Not only do images give people information quickly, they give the search engines information quickly with the likes of image optimization. If you’re wondering ‘what is image optimization?’, it isn’t too difficult to understand. There are tons of helpful guides out there to help you optimize your images perfectly. As SEO is all about creating a great user experience, image optimization is making sure you give a great caption while helping the search engines out too.


Social Media Posts With Images Get More Clicks

It’s been proven that social media posts with images get far more clicks than those without. In fact, posts with images get around 94% more total views than those without! You can’t afford not to post images with your posts with stats like that.



Posts Also Get More Engagement

Not only will your post get more views, it’ll get more engagement too. This means more likes, shares, and comments, and more exposure as a result! Your attractive pictures could go viral, getting shared all over the web. All the more reason to make sure you’re taking high quality images and using them correctly.


High Quality Images Will Make More Sales

It goes without saying that if you’re selling a product, high quality images are going to make or break a deal with a customer. It doesn’t matter how riveting your description is, your site, or how magical your product actually is. Without a fantastic image to complement all of that, it isn’t going to sell as much as you’d like.


Images are so important, they make your business and posts look better, not to mention the internet as a whole. If you’re going to start taking pictures of your products, or even for your blog, there are a few things you can do to make sure they pass muster:

  • Use a high quality camera or a best 360 camera 2017 for panoramic. Your smartphone probably won’t cut it for this, unless you have other pieces of fancy equipment to help create a professional finish.
  • Pose your pictures so that the product looks as if they are being used. For example, show how a piece of furniture will look in the home, and not just the item against a white background (although making the rest of the decorated room white will make the item stand out!).
  • Know how to edit pictures so that the colors pop. Just remember the picture should be an accurate representation of whatever you’re selling.
  • Get a professional in if you’re unsure. The investment will be totally worth it when you have product pictures to be proud of.
  • If you want to create an amazing business Instagram feed, making sure you have a theme is crucial. Making sure all of your pictures complement one another will make your feed prettier, and you’ll get more followers. It’s also a good idea to make sure your captions are as helpful as possible. Don’t forget to apply to as many people as you can, either!

Now you see how important images are online, you can make sure you’re using them properly. Images are crucial for business, bloggers, and even those who simply want followers. Some people do manage to make a full time living by simply posting on Instagram, so that’s something to think about too! Is there anything you’d like to add? Leave a comment below.


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