Digital Marketing Skills That Are Still In Demand In 2017

21 Feb

The digital marketing landscape is like the weather – it is always changing. One year you focus on mobile marketing and the next it is email marketing and next year it will be something else. Amidst all the change it is easy to lose focus on one important point – some things stay the same. Yes there is a lot of change and you have to react to the changes, but some things are just too important to go away. That is why they are still in demand and why you should use the following in your strategy.


Search Engine Optimization


SEO is still alive and kicking regardless of what some people think. In fact it ranks as one of the most effective marketing techniques which makes it one of the most important. For some reason there was a myth that the importance of SEO was dwindling. Nothing could have been farther from the truth especially as Google is modifying their algorithm. To become an SEO expert is crucial as consumers continue to search the web and will do for a long time. The way they search is changing but that is a different argument.


Mobile Marketing


That brings us nicely to the next skill which is mobile marketing. Customers still use the internet to search but they don’t do it from desktops or laptops anymore. They do it from smartphones and tablets which both class as mobile devices. Mobile devices operate differently from desktop and laptops. Your business, therefore, should accommodate mobile searches if it wants to tap into the market. To do this you have to tweak your site so it runs smoothly on mobiles or create a mobile site and redirect your users. Apps are also an incredibly potent source of marketing for businesses.



Social Media


Social media is growing faster than the internet – that is how important it is to your business. The fascinating thing is that it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Sure, some outlets are showing a dip in profits but their recruitment is still higher than ever. With so many people using social media it is stupid not to incorporate it into your strategy. It is a great way to talk to customers directly as well as boosting your SEO strategy. Billions of people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, and you can’t afford to miss out on these numbers.




Analytics will never die because you always need to analyse your strategy. Okay you might use a different piece of software than Google Analytics but you will still analyse it. Everything you need to boost your marketing strategy and succeed is in the numbers. It tells you where you are going wrong, how you are going wrong and how you can fix the damage,. That is info you can’t let slip through your fingers because your competitors won’t make the same mistake.


These skills are still in demand today and, more than likely, will be for the foreseeable future.


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