The Power of Original Content

14 Feb

When it comes to making a website, nothing hits the audience as hard as original content. Whether you’re running a business that sells cakes or an online service that outsources audio production, original content is going to be what drives your Google ranking up a few notches and puts you ahead of the competition. However, you might be thinking to yourself “how exactly does content help my business?”, and you would be right to be sceptical.



What is content?


When people think about content they’re usually referring to things like blogs, YouTube videos or other forms of entertainment content. However, content by definition means information and material. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of a creative nature, it can be informative or scientific. As long as it is presented and consumed, it can be considered content.


So in the context of business advertising, original content would refer to your product details, your customer promise and in some cases, your own personal blog. The golden rule is that content doesn’t have to be purely for entertainment—it can be used to great effect in a business application too.



What is original?


Original would just refer to the content being made by you or a professional for your purpose. For example, if you are reselling products that other companies are also selling, you might copy and paste a generic product description of the item given by the manufacturer. After all, you’re selling the same item so there’s no need to stand out from the crowd, right? That’d be wrong.


A custom product description will not only rank higher on Google, making you more discoverable, it will also give your customers a different view of a product. Imagine searching through Google and finding the same product with the exact same description that lacks information and technical specifications, but then you come across a site with a personalised write-up and a short review of the product that includes all the technical specifications and several new images that you’ve taken with your own camera. Chances are you’re going to be pleased with the additional information and additional photos and you’ll buy from that company instead.



How to get original content


Original content usually stems from creative writers, but it can also be obtained from powerful SEO services packages. SEO just refers to search engine optimisation which typically uses original content. As mentioned before, custom created content ranks higher in Google’s search engine and more people are likely to click on your original content than typical descriptions and ideas that have been regurgitated by several other websites.
Original content can also come in the form of a business blog. For instance, if you run a computer repair store, then you can easily create blog posts detailing all the challenges you have faced during the day, the wildest repairs you’ve ever performed, and so on. Not only do you give people insight into your working process, you also entertain readers and they are more likely to use your services because they are fond of your original content.


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