Why You’re Suffering From An Invisible Brand

10 Feb

You have a great product. You have a market in need of it. You have a business completely prepared to deliver the product and all the support that goes along with it. So why isn’t your business seeing the kind of success and recognition it deserves? The answer lies within your image and how you use it. Here, we’ll look at making sure you got the right image, delivered in the right ways, to the most people possible.


You lack definition

You might very well know the benefits of your product and the fact a good target market exists for it. It’s not enough to simply let the product speak for itself, however. You need to make sure that people get the right message about it. It’s all about finding your brand voice and message. Think about your ideal customer, what their needs are, and what the product does. But think beyond the immediate problems it helps to solve. What kind of lifestyle does it help them achieve? Is it about convenience? Is it about security? Is it about luxury? Boiling your product down to the abstract of what it provides can help you find the most emotionally impactful message for the brand.



You lack visibility

A great message doesn’t mean all that much if it’s not reaching anyone. If you’re relying on the online world, then you need to make sure your messaging doesn’t get lost amongst all the noise. For instance, in outbound marketing, you need to find where your audience is. Your market research should help you identify sites they’re likely to use and social media channels they’re likely to inhabit. Those are the places you build your own presence. But you also want to make it easier for them to stumble upon your business. Creating an attractive, informative site and using advisors like an SEO service to make it easier to find will create more natural connections with customers. It’s those natural connections that people are more likely to trust than any advertisement.



You lack punch

But if you want your advertising campaign to truly succeed, you should think even further than delivering a clear-cut message. Some of the best advertising examples are those cases where the advertisement garners as much attention or even more than the business it’s supposed to be advertising. Funny and clever use of social media to create memorable interactions with customers. Viral video marketing. Guerilla marketing in the real world. Create a method of delivering the message that the average person can’t ignore. The message will gain notoriety, making it a lot easier for the relevant parties to catch wind of it even peripherally. Of course, you need to have enough substance beneath the sizzle to keep their interest after.

It’s not enough to simply throw out your product and hope for the best with generic messaging. It takes real insight to define a message, real strategy to make it more visible, and real creativity to make it as engaging as it can be. Take your time and get your plans together.


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