Tips And Tricks To Click With Customers

26 Apr


The key to success in any business is the customer. Yes, your business’ employees are the cogs which keep the wheel turning, and the profits your company makes are integral to keeping operations running, the lights on in the office and the entire ship from sinking. However, all of these things depend on the customer, and that’s why you built the business in the first place; you wanted to provide a specific service or range of products for people.


Of course, clicking with customers is easier said than done. When your company has so many variables to consider, projects to handle and important business tasks to be covered, it’s hard to calm down, breathe and communicate with people on a calm level. You need the interest of your target market in order to keep sales level or growing, and yet you can’t be pushy with your marketing tactics to draw in those potential customers. If you’re wondering what on earth the solution to this dilemma could be, here are some tips and tricks to help you click with customers which might just change your business’ outlook on the situation.


Be patient and subtle.

Connecting with customers is about patience. The ‘hard sell’ rarely works, and, in some industries, it never works. Whatever type of business you’re running, you should be opting for the long haul rather than the quick, impatient, pushy sales technique. People understand that your business is trying to sell them a product, but that doesn’t mean they want to feel pressured into buying it. You need to explain what’s good about your service but listen to the customer and what they’re looking for. You need to explain why your business and its product or service will meet their needs. Talk less about how great your company is and more about how your company wants to help solve its clients’ problems.


The online world.

Digital marketing is the key to connecting with customers in the modern era. Posters, flyers and billboards aren’t reaching the same audience as the internet. Your business should be using social media to answer queries and simply keep customers updated on your company, and the right social media team with personal and approachable communicative skills could make all the difference when it comes to creating a warm image for your business. Your website is also the virtual ‘front of house’, in a sense. This is the first impression your company will make, much like a shop window. You need to be optimizing your site for the best results on search engine result pages, and you could look into seo options if your company is struggling to rank above its competitors. The point is that you need to be not only ranking at the top of results when customers search for terms related to your industry but impressing visitors when they click through to your business’ website.


Be human.

The greatest marketing technique of all is simply to be human. Most companies become so absorbed in the corporate world that they find it hard to climb out of their business-minded heads. If they did, they would realize that the key to good business and making huge profits is simply to appeal to people as people, rather than just another customer. Using humor and light-hearted conversation to get to know your customers is what separates you from a cold company with a corporate mentality.


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