Hit A Wall? Simple Ways To Make Content More Compelling

21 Apr

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with an audience and subsequently, boost sales. It can be tough to come up with new and fresh ideas on a continual basis, and you may find that you feel like you’ve hit a wall sometimes. If you’re struggling for that creative spark, here are some simple ways to make your content more compelling.

Start with the headline

The headline is arguably the most important part of any piece. You want to lure the reader in, and encourage them to want to see more. A punchy, intriguing headline will be much more effective than something that’s drab, over-complicated or long-winded. Give the reader an idea of what the article is about, and use your imagination. Tailor the style to the kind of article you’re producing. If it’s a light-hearted piece, puns are always a good idea, but make sure the message is clear. If you think a title is a little tenuous, try and think of something better. Research suggests that 80 percent of people who look at the page will read the headline, but only a quarter will go on to read the rest of the article, so make your title stand out.


Take an original angle

It’s very difficult to come up with original ideas when it comes to creating new pages or blog posts, but it’s often possible to approach subjects from a different angle. If you want to talk about saving money at home, for example, you’ll probably come across numerous articles that have a similar theme. You can still cover this topic, but put your own spin on it.

Adopt a subtle approach to marketing

Many individuals and companies use content to drive sales. This can be a hugely effective strategy, but it’s important to get it right. You don’t want to bombard your customer with information and make it very obvious that you’re trying to get them to buy into your business. The marketing methods you use should be subtle, and your client shouldn’t feel like they’re on the receiving end of an aggressive sales pitch. If you don’t know much about techniques like SEO, it pays to work with a search engine optimization expert. You can optimize your content and increase traffic to your website without using blatant sales techniques, which will put potential customers off.

Make your readers think

Everything you read should have an impact on you. As a writer or blogger, you need to make your audience think and encourage them to reflect, ask questions, or want to find out more. Consider subjects that are thought-provoking, and encourage discussion. Leave space for comments, and try and get people to share their ideas and opinions. If you find that a certain article is successful, create a series so that people come back to your blog.


Have you hit a wall in your content marketing strategy? Are you struggling to get away from generic material or come up with something that will inspire your readers and generate more traffic? It can be tough to be original all the time but keep plugging away, and hopefully, these tips will prove useful.


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