Use Social Media to Boost Your Marketplace

25 Mar



If you’re on this website, then it’s probably already clear to you that social media is important for pretty much any type of business out there. But people who are getting into ecommerce often feel that social media is a little unnecessary for them; that, or they go about it in completely the wrong way.

So here’s a quick guide to getting it right!


Make no mistake: you should be using social media


Many people who start an online store may find themselves discouraged when it comes to social media. That’s because social media doesn’t generate quite as much traffic as a lot of people make out: most ecommerce stores get the bulk of their conversions via email and search engines rather than social media. But this is true for a vast majority of businesses. The problem is that conversion from social media is much more difficult to see, let alone quantify correctly. Social media helps you engage with current customers. Don’t overestimate it – but underestimate it at your peril.




Social media promotion takes time


Your use of social media for your business should be included among the marketing needs, as well as the customer engagement and service needs. And if you think all of that can be done quickly, think again! There’s a reason why so many businesses use full-time employees for social media matters. Of course, small businesses don’t always need to do this – they just need to ensure they find the time to engage in social media. This is why so many business owners use tools like an all-in-one marketplace solution for your business – the more time you save on the actual development and infrastructure of your online store, the more time you can devote to the other matters that are essential to your business.

Your business personality


What really sets you apart from other businesses? Sure, the manner in which you do business, the deals you can provide, the service you give – all of these things are what matters the most. But you should never underestimate the power of a company’s personality. And there are few mediums through which to better express this personality than social media. Just check out these businesses that managed to get some free press because their social media accounts are so much fun to follow. It really helps your business stand out from the rest when you keep things fresh, funny, and friendly.



Information and content


Here’s what you need to remember: people aren’t on social media to have things sold to them. People don’t log onto Twitter with their credit cards at the ready. They’re going on there to catch up with their favorite personalities, to see what’s going on in the world, to have a laugh, to be informed. Yes, promoting products on social media can be a good idea – but you have to remember that people aren’t there to be advertised to. So make sure the bulk of your content is informative in other ways. Share information, or consider setting up a blog that you can integrate with social media. This will help you generate original content!


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