Is Website Visitor Tracking A Waste Of Time?

10 Mar

When some people set up new websites, they put little to no thought in analyzing their visitor’s on-page behavior. They feel that website analytics is a waste of time. Their reason? People are already interested in what is on offer if they’ve made an effort to visit the site!


That might be the case for some visitors. But, for others, they’ve usually followed a link from a search engine results page. Or they may have been referred from another website but aren’t too sure what the destination site is all about and was just curious.

google analytics


As you’ve probably gathered by now, website analytics isn’t a waste of time. In fact, it’s just as essential as buying a domain name for your site! Still not convinced? Let me share with you some reasons why you’re wasting time by NOT taking advantage of website analytics:


Your web pages might suck


Style is subjective. You might think your website looks fantastic, but the rest of the world may disagree with you! When you build a site, it’s crucial that it gets tailored for your target audience. It doesn’t matter so much if YOU like it or not; what does matter is that it gets results and a return on your investment. After all; you’ll have had to pay for your website, hosting, and domain name!


If your content isn’t appealing to your visitors, you’ll have a high bounce rate. In other words, they look at a page on your site and decide to surf elsewhere on the Web instead. If you don’t install any digital analytics tracking on your pages, you’ll have no idea if you’ve got a high or low bounce rate.


Your web pages might be broken


There’s no denying that web design technology is evolving at a rapid pace. These days, the use of Flash on a website has significantly decreased.


Many mobile devices and even desktop browsers are discontinuing support for the product. If you have a lot of Flash content on your site, try looking at it from an iOS device. Notice how the page is blank where the Flash media should be?

website metrics


That’s because iOS devices don’t support Adobe Flash! Website analytics can tell you a lot about your visitors, including what devices they use. If a high proportion is iPhone or iPad owners, you’ve got a big problem you need to fix – and fast! Otherwise, it could damage your site’s SEO score!


You won’t know how well your PPC ad campaigns are going


Do you have paid ads on display through platforms such as Google AdWords? If so, you might get some analytics information on the ads that perform the best. However, are you aware of what your visitors do once they get transferred to your site?


If the answer is no, you’re in dire need of website analytics! Using the technology, you can see the flow of pages that most visitors access. For example, after the home page, they might click on your “Products” page.


I hope today’s blog post has been of use to you and that you’ve learned a bit more about website analytics.

how to use website data for marketing


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