Social Media Marketing: 4 Creative Lead Generation Ideas That You’ll Love

8 Mar

In recent years, the popularity of social media has exploded! Businesses are nowadays using social networks to their advantage for the purposes of promotion and advertising. After all; social media offers a cost-effective way to get a message out to a particular niche audience.


Social networks offer an array of marketing options, some are even free of charge. The trouble is; some business leaders are unaware of the best ways to use social media to their advantage. If that sounds like you, don’t worry because today I’m going to share with you some hot tips on generating more sales leads through social networks! Here is what you need to know:

social media marketing 2017


  1. Reach out to a successful business leader in your industry


People love reading stories that inspire them. Armed with that knowledge, you could interview a successful industry leader for your website or blog. Once you’ve done that, share a link to your interview through social media. You could also ask the person you’ve interviewed to share a link to your page from their site and on their social media pages too.


As you can appreciate, it’s a brilliant way to drive more traffic to your website. It also shows your followers that you enjoy sharing the thoughts of others within your social media profiles.

  1. Create a quick survey for people to fill out


Another idea to generate sales leads for your business is by creating and sharing a survey on social media. How does that help your company, you might be wondering? Well, the idea is two-fold.


First of all, it shows that you care about people’s opinions about your brand. And, second, you can use it as an educational tool to learn more about their spending habits.

social media marketing strategies that work


Using that knowledge, you can then tailor your future products and services more to their needs. The lead generation part is perhaps the most clever bit of all! At the end of the survey, you can ask participants if they want to learn more about the product or service you are promoting or talking about in your survey.


Websites like can tell you more about such lead generation strategies.


  1. Create instructional videos


Social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to embed videos into your posts. You can use that fact to your advantage by creating some instructional videos. The ones you make should be on how to solve a particular problem (using something you sell).


Assuming you do good videos, your followers will share that media with their followers and so on. Take a look at this screencast tutorial from for further details.


  1. Create a viral meme


In case you didn’t know, a meme (pronounced “meem”) is usually a funny or satirical image overlaid with a caption or quote from someone. People love sharing stuff on social media, and a meme can help you generate leads to a product or service that you sell.
Think of a funny situation where what you sell could come in handy. If you put the right spin on it and capture your audience’s attention, your meme will go viral! Check out the meme generator over at for some inspiration.


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