Is Your Website Letting Down Your Business?

19 Dec


Every business needs a website. That’s hardly a shocking piece of information. The internet has become one of, if not the biggest marketplaces on the planet for just about every business. Whether your business is purely online or not, without a website you’re already pretty far behind the competition. So much so that it’s arguable that if you don’t have a website you’re pretty much doomed from the start. The problem is that far too many business owners seem to think that having a website is the only thing they need to worry about. As if as long as they have the site online, it will take care of itself. This would be a great thing if it were possible. Sadly we live in the real world, and in the real world, things are always a little more complicated than that. Many businesses are let down by their website and can miss out of a lot of customers because of it. Here are few ways that your website might be letting you down.


It’s not specific to your business


One thing that your business should never, ever be is generic. If it looks the same as a thousand other websites, then there’s no way that a customer will ever remember it. You should make it stand out from the crowd, but not only that but you should tailor it to your business. A dentist website design will need very specific elements included in it to make it easy for patients to use, but it will also look very different to a different type of business as well. Think about your business carefully, what it’s for, what message you’re trying to convey. And make sure that you include that in every aspect of your website’s design. That way you can create a site that will stick in your customer’s mind and keep them coming back.


It’s difficult to navigate


There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than wanting to find a piece of information on your website and having no idea where to find it. If your website is impossible to navigate, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference how good your content it. A website with bad navigation is a seriously fast way to lose the interest and attention of your customers. Think about what it is that they’ll be most interested in finding, then make sure that you put links to that somewhere they can easily find them.


It’s over-designed


Every website needs a distinct aesthetic design. The problem is that far too many businesses go totally overboard and end up with an over-designed mess of a site. Learn from companies like Apple. Customers want clean, simple and elegant design that allows them to find everything they need with ease. Forget about animations, bright colors, and varied fonts. All of these things just detract from the information that your customers are trying to access. Keep things simple and you’re website will be all the better for it.


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