New-Age Marketing Terms You Need To Come To Terms With

12 Oct


The marketing landscape of today is notably different than it was a couple of decades ago. Many people now use their computers and smartphones to find the products and services they need. The majority of marketing today is done online, as this is the most impactful way to reach consumers.

It also means that there’s now a host of new marketing strategies some people may not be up to date with. It’s easy to get confused amidst all the ambiguous abbreviations and new-age lingo. But here are some of the most important modern marketing terms you should know. Whether you’re promoting a blog, product or business, these will help you!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now a prominent fixture in people’s everyday lives. A lot of users are connected to social media 24/7 through their smartphones, getting updates instantly. Many people also check it multiple times daily, including first thing in the morning.

Businesses and organizations benefit a lot from getting noticed on social media. People often follow the pages of their favorite blogs, stores, and services and share their posts with others. Businesses often post sales promotions and product updates on social media to bring in customers.

Social media is arguably the most important way to market today. It doesn’t just attract users to your website, but building a following also improves your reputation. You should always be keeping up with the latest social media trends to utilize it effectively.

Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing your website’s search engine visibility. When people need to find something, they usually turn to search engines such as Google and Bing. You need to make your website rank highly for certain search terms to attract visitors.

A lot of things affect your search engine visibility. It involves things like HTML meta tags, the titles you use, and sites that link to you. It can be a lot to manage, so many people use professional SEO services to maximize their ranking.

SEO is one of the most common marketing practices for businesses today. You need to improve your search engine optimization to beat out competitors and appeal to your target audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating all kinds of engaging things for people to read, watch, and listen to. It comes naturally to blogs, whose whole business is creating enticing content. But even companies today use blogs to keep up with modern marketing practices.

Blogs aren’t the only form of content. Organizations also make YouTube videos, Instagram infographics, and interesting podcasts to draw people in. Content is often shared through websites, social media, and email.

People may visit a business website to see a how-to article or infographic and end up using their services or buying their products. It’s an effective form of marketing that can also benefit the viewer.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising paying a website to display a commercial link. The advertiser pays the publisher for each click the link gets.

It’s often used in conjunction with search engines. Google and Bing offer paid advertising through their platforms, which can generate a lot of traffic for websites.

Independent sites often offer paid advertising space as well. Social media networks like Facebook and YouTube also have sponsored ads. However, these methods are becoming less effective as more people block ads with AdBlock extensions.


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