Bad Habits That Are Robbing You Of Conversions

2 Dec


We all have bad habits which are holding us back in one way or another. Some of us manage to take long lie-ins no matter how many times we plan to get up early on the weekends. Some of us will break diets consistently, or drink a little more than we know we should. All of us are guilty of little sins like this in our personal lives, but when you fall into bad habits in your digital marketing it can jeopardize the future of your business. Here are some of the ones which could be robbing you of conversions.

Neglecting Your Customers


You may have scoffed at this subtitle, knowing that you would never, ever neglect the customers who made your business what it is today. Are you really sure about that though? When you’re getting caught up in the daily challenges of generating new leads and new sales, it can be easy for social media comments, along with general queries, compliments or complaints, to fall by the wayside. No matter how much you try to justify this habit to yourself, there’s really no excuse for you to neglect your current customer base. Success in digital marketing is all about building loyalty, and encouraging further engagement. Make sure that your customer base is coming first in all of your marketing decisions, and only make any major changes to your product or service when it would benefit them.

Neglecting Your Website


After neglecting or ignoring your existing customer base, doing the same when it comes to the state of your website is the most damaging habit you can have when it comes to digital marketing. This is your virtual storefront; the one thing that’s going to affect your traffic’s opinion of your brand more than any other marketing materials you put out there. If you know that you haven’t been as vigilant as you ought to be with your site, it may be time to pay for an audit or find some kind of free website analysis service. If you’re not posting enough content, it isn’t part of some larger strategy, or the content you do post is really thin on the ground, then this could be one big thing holding your marketing back. Slow loading times are another big issue to think about. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but make sure it’s all mobile-friendly as well!

Rushing into Your Content


If you realize that you’ve been neglecting your content marketing horribly while your competitors reap in the conversions, then naturally you may start to panic. You see you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so in response you rush to your site and start churning out post after post, trying desperately to make up for lost ground. If you’re some kind of once-in-a-generation marketing genius, this could be a great way to stimulate growth. However, that’s probably not the case, and if you try to rush into your content marketing without much of a foundation, you’ll only end up with a blog full of poor content which damages your brand.


Avoid these marketing sins, and there’ll be nothing holding you back!


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