The Skills You Need To Succeed As A Social Media Consultant

2 Nov

So, you want to be a social media consultant? If so, there is nothing stopping you. In theory, if you know how to use Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites, you could set up a consultancy tomorrow.
But that’s just the theory. The reality is that you need a sharp set of skills to succeed as a social media expert, particularly if you want to gain the trust of successful companies. And given there is a lot of competition out there, it is critical that you can set yourself apart.
So, if you want to enjoy success, there are some critical things to do that will enable you bring a lot more to the table. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Measurable, provable results
No business owner is going to let you loose on their social media channels without seeing proof of what you can do. It’s an age-old problem for consultants who are just starting out. You need clients to prove your worth, but you can’t prove your worth without clients. The answer is more simple than you might think – although it might mean giving your time away for nothing. Ask a family member or friend with a business if you can help them get started – or improve – their social media channels. Create a case study by recording everything you do, and the results you achieve,. Do well, and it’s a nice piece of evidence that you know what you are talking about.

When you are approaching potential clients, it is essential that you come across well, right from the off. So, communication skills are vital. Don’t forget, great communication is about listening just as much as it is about talking. If you struggle with either aspect, consider doing some business communication training.

Multimedia skills
Social media is all about making use of all different kinds of media. Think about what comes up on your Facebook feed. There will be humorous images, blog posts, videos, and infographics. There will be links to podcasts, GIFs, and all kinds of other things. If you want to be a social media consultant, you will need to have a good knowledge about how all these mediums work.

Analytical prowess
As a social media consultant, you will live and die by your ability to get the right results. But every business will be different, and have a variety of expectations. For example, one minute you will be working with a business who only wants to get more targeted likes. The next day, however, you might be working for a company that is having an enormous sales push. Either way, you will have to learn to be analytical to ensure you are giving them a return on their investment. Math, spreadsheets, data – it’s all imperative to prove your worth.

Pattern recognition ability
Finally, can you spot patterns that are starting to appear in all the data you look at? If not, social media may not be the perfect outlet for your talents. Recognizing patterns is becoming one of the most important factors in good social media practice. And if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, it’s an essential skill to learn.

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