Getting Confused By Your Business’s Social Media Needs? Here’s How to Simplify Things

28 Oct

Getting confused by the tangled up world of social media is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re a business owner, trying to navigate the social media landscape can be a real challenge. If that’s the situation you’re in, you should look for ways to simplify your approach. Here’s how you can do that.
Focus on the Platforms Where Your Customers Can be Found
There are so many different social media platforms out there these days. If your business is trying to maintain a presence on them all, it will be impossible to do the job properly. Most businesses don’t need to use more than 3 or 4 platforms. There is simply no need to use them all. So, choose the ones where your target customers are most likely to be found. If you want to appeal to young adults, places like Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram will be key. But you won’t find many people over the age of 45 on sites like Tumblr and Instagram.


Increase Engagement with Images
Studies have shown that posts and tweets that have an image attached to them are more likely to be interacted with. So, if you want to grab people’s attention and stop them skipping past, you should start to add images to your posts. You could also add videos if you want to add another dimension. When you do this, people will be more likely to stop and take notice of the message you’re trying to deliver. Engagement is key on social media, so don’t ignore this simple way of improving your technique.
Listen to the Experts
Sometimes, you need a little help to fulfill your potential. This applies to your business’s social media approach as much as it does to anything else in life. There are certainly people out there who know more about social media and how to use it to reach customers than you do. So, why not take advantage of these experts and listen to what they have to say? Social media management companies can help you if you don’t want to carry out the tasks by yourself.


Understand What Makes a Post Successful
You probably want all your posts to engage with customers and spread far and wide. This usually doesn’t happen though. For a post to get shares or for a tweet to get retweeted many times, it needs to have certain qualities. First of all, it needs to have some relevance to the people who like your page or follow you. They have to see something interesting, entertaining or informative in it. If they don’t, why would they have any desire to share it with anyone else out there?
Be Yourself
Finally, you should try to be yourself. If you are the one running the business and the one controlling its social media output, you should be yourself. That way, the business will develop an authentic and believable voice on social media. And that voice and tone will also become consistent across all the different social media platforms you use. If you sound inauthentic, your social media strategy won’t be very successful at all, so just be yourself and see how it works out.



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