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16 Jul


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Grief is a process.  I’m telling you from experience that no two people will grieve the same way.  Some will look to others for support, some want to be alone.  Some will be teary eyed, while others are angry.

There’s a misconception out there that it all has to be done the same way.  I’ve seen people lose their faith when someone passes, and I’ve seen where people throw themselves into their faith in order to make sense of it all.  Really, our perception on grief is tainted if we fall into a trap of believing that it has to be done one way and one way only.

This blog is dedicated to a woman, named Patricia and her son, Daniel. I met Patricia at the Toronto International Airport before boarding a flight. She and I conversed on how her son’s life, passion for travel and the ocean motivated her to visit the places that Daniel wanted to visit. I wanted to share her beautiful and inspiring journey of love, appreciation, and joy for the memory of her son. The reason for her travel touched by heart and I wanted to spread the love on social media about how we can honor the memory of those we love and cherish that are no longer physically walking on earth. It was beautiful to see how her son has given her strength to be able to fulfill his life’s desires. Her eyes lit up as she talked about his amazing character of integrity, kindness, and appreciation towards others.


Patricia is a remarkable mother and soul, instead of holding onto anger; she has released it and turned it into beautiful energy to fulfill her son’s memory in a powerful, positive way. Daniel’s death was highly unfortunate, it happened while traveling in Peru with his girlfriend when he experienced severe chest pains, when taken to the nearest hospital; the hospital did not have the equipment to revive him. Patricia has since donated hospital equipment to the hospital where her son, Daniel, died so this situation would not happen again to anyone else. This act of kindness honors her son and other lives will be saved by Patricia’s donation.

Let this be inspiration and a reminder to all of us to always live to give and serve others in life for it only brings happiness, joy, love and peace to all including ourselves. Of course, losing a loved one is painful. We must honor, remember and be grateful for the joy and lessons they brought into our lives and spread that joy onto others like Patricia has done. Tears fill up into my eyes just imagining losing a loved one, I can’t imagine how I would even pick myself up off the floor, however, the ones I love dearly are amazing people who have passed on their legacies through their children with their: wisdom, big hearts, generosity, love for others, and spiritual intelligence. Meeting Patricia reminded me of the lesson of how to honor the memory of our loved ones through our actions and make them proud by being the person they taught and inspired us to be. We should embrace their strength and wisdom so it lives on in us for others to enjoy. After all, the secret to life is to be able to serve others well. We should be asking that question every day when we wake up, “how can I serve others better today?” I guarantee that our: marriages, careers, relationships, friendships, finances, confidence, mental/emotional health and business will prosper by asking that question every day.

Patricia went the extra mile to donate hospital equipment to the hospital where her son died. That act was a true dedication to her son, Daniel’s memory. Let Daniel’s memory be in your hearts today for he inspired this article through his mom, Patricia. If you enjoyed reading this article, share it with your friends and family who need to be touched by inspiration and enlightening love. Also, subscribe to this blog for more upcoming amazing blog articles on Social Media and inspiring stories. Sending many blessings to Patricia, her family and everyone who has lost a loved one. Namaste


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